Saturday, July 19, 2014

1890, Catholic Church Concert at the Opera House

I'm not sure which venue this playbill is for but there were several opera houses in northwest Tennessee including but not limited to Union City, Humboldt and Dresden.  However, it seems very possible the playbill is from a Nashville Opera House since the performers were Nashvillians.  

Mr. Justin Thatcher.  I believe this is the same Justin Thatcher that appears in the 1900 Census for Nashville. He's living with his father Justin M. Thatcher, age 65, born in England, widower.  Justin was 30 years old with a birth date of Jan 1870.  His occupation was vocal teacher.  In 1880 J.M. Thatcher is a General Agent for Adams Express and his wife is Jennie C. Thatcher, age 35. They also have a daughter named Grace E. age 10.   His father was a captain with Co. F 6th Ohio Infantry and is interred at Mt Olivet in Nashville with his wife.  Grace was a music teacher and married Henry DeBolt Cooper.  Justin moved to New York and died there October 20, 1915.  "Justin M. Thatcher, 35 years old, a musician, was found dead yesterday in his apartment at 500 West 177th Street.  An autopsy revealed that his death was due to fatty degeneration of the heart." New York Times, October 21, 1915.  The New York Death Index says he was 45, not 35.

Mr. Charles Washburn.  I believe this is Charles Campbell Washburn, born Dec. 15 1868 in Memphis and died April 30 1954 in Nashville.  He was the son of Cornelius Collins Washburn and Isora Elizabeth Blades.  He married Minnie Morgan in 1900 in Wilcox County Alabama.  The 1900 Census for Birmingham Alabama lists his occupation as musician.  He is interred at Woodlawn Cemetery in Nashville while his wife, Minnie, is at Camden Cemetery in Camden Alabama.

Mr. John Bordieser.  There is a John William Bordieser born about 1865 and died in 1895 in Nashville. All records indicate he was a bookkeeper but it's possible that was his "day" job while singing and music were his hobby.  He is interred at Mt. Olivet in Nashville.

Mrs. Katie O'Brien Gillespie.  I'm leaning toward this being the Katie Gillespie that appears in the 1900 Census with William B. Gillespie who was born May 1848 in Ohio.  Her death certificate lists her occupation as housewife and musician, daughter of Martha Fuller and unknown O'Brien. However, I did find a marriage for M.J. Fuller to John O'Brien in Rutherford County TN on January 26 1858. The 1900 Census also shows a Martha O living in the household and is William's mother-in-law.    It's interesting to note that a William B. Gillespie is boarding with Henry H. Barr and his adult children Bessie and Hugh in Nashville in 1920.  The Barr's are Moran relatives and Bessie Barr was a singer and actress.  It's odd though that Katie Gillespie is not listed even though she doesn't die until 1937.

Miss Levy.  Not enough information is given to do an adequate search for this person.

Mr. Henry Ashford.  Several Henry Ashford's appear in a search but not enough to narrow it down to a specific Ashford.

Flute Solo- The Nightingale

Stars of the Summer Night

Friday, July 11, 2014

Lyman Taft Gunn Bible Pages

Recently the Tennessee State Library and Archives completed a project to scan the photocopied Bible pages in their collection.  The collection currently has more than 1500 Bible records which have been donated through the years.  More will be added as they are received.  

I found Lyman Taft Gunn's Bible pages, which had been donated by Kent's Aunt Sophie, aka Sophia Ezzell Dobson, back in 1963.  Aunt Sophie is the one who urged us to document the Moran family.  

The Gunn Bible was published in 1846 by Harper & Brothers, New York.

The births page documents the birth of Lyman Taft Gunn and his first wife Caroline Matilda Morehead and their children:

And grandchildren:
Caroline Margaret Gunn, daughter of James T. Gunn and Margaret D. Gunn

Charles Augustus Hugh Gunn, Son of James T and Margaret D. Gunn

Lyman Buckner Gunn, son of Lyman C. and Sallie B. Gunn

Fannie Lemira, daughter of John W and Sophia R. Gunn Moran

Mary Willie, daughter of James T.and Margared D. Gunn

The Marriage Page:

Lyman T Gunn was marriet at Nashville Tennessee to Caroline M. Morehead, January 22, 1840.

At Cincinnati May 15 1857 by the Rev. Dr. Fisher Lyman T. Gunn to Mary Anne Hall daughter of the late Joseph Hall, Esq of Boston Massachusetts.

James T. Gunn and Margaret D. Brown June 21st 1868 by the Rev. J. M DeSpain Mississippi County Arkansas.

Lyman C. Gunn and Sallie E Boyd Dec 14th 1870 by the Rev. Dr. John Hunter at Jackson Mississippi.

Sophia R. Gunn and John W. Moran Dec 27th 1871 at Gardner Tenn.


Mary Francis Gunn deid at Nahsville Tenn. Jan 1st 1845, aged Twenty-Two, 11 days.

Caroline Matilda Gunn died at Nashville Tennessee, November 10 1855.  Aged about Thirty Eight Years.

Caroline Louise Gunn Died at Nashville Tennessee July 28th, 1857. Aged Three years ten months and twenty eight days.

William L Gunn of Galloping Consumption died at (1876) Nashville August 7th at 12:30 a.m. Aged 26 years 11 months.

Lyman Boliver (Buckner) Gunn son of Lyman C and Sallie E Gunn died at Jackson Miss August 18th 1876 aged 4 years 10 months

Charles Morehead Gunn died of Galloping Consumption June 2nd 1878 at Nashville aged 22 years 8 months

James Tucker Gunn died at Goodlettsville Davidson County Tennessee August 11 1880 aged 39 years and 10 months of consumption

Dr. Lyman T. Gunn died at Dresden, Dec. 1st 1890, at 1/2 past in the evening, aged 80 years, 7 months, of old age and tropical affection.

Like most family Bibles not everyone was recorded and there are a few mistakes here and there such as Lyman Buckner Gunn listed as Lyman Boliver Gunn.  The name is a nod to General Simon Bolivar Buckner, a cousin to the Gunn/Moran families.

Most of the links in the post go to the memorials on Findagrave.  The headstones at Nashville City Cemetery, if there were any, are gone except for the main Gunn marker and the markers for Lyman Cephas Gunn, Sallie Boyd Gunn and their son Ellis Morehead Gunn.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Let Freedom Ring, July 4 2014

Amid all of the fireworks, picnics, barbques and beer that will flow over this holiday weekend I thought it appropriate to remember the great cost of our freedom.  We have two of these folded flags in our house. The one pictured above was draped over the coffin of Nathan H Moran and the other (not pictured) over George Clarence Pepin, Kent's father and mine respectfully.