Sunday, June 26, 2011

Memorial Concert, Richard Wagner's Death - Nashville College for Young Ladies 1893

A lot of things were happening in the world in 1893.
  • The Mormon temple in Salt Lake City was dedicated
  • The great northern railway connected Seattle with the eastern coast
  • Queen Liluokalani was deposed and the Kingdom of Hawaii became a republic
  • Grover Cleveland was inaugurated for his second term
  • Commodore Perry arrived in Japan
  • Beatrix Potter first tells the story of Peter Rabbit
  • Nabisco Foods invented Cream of Wheat
  • Henry Ford completed the first useful gas motor
But on February 13th, 1893, at the Nashville College for Young Ladies, attended by the Moran girls, is a Memorial Concert commemorating the Tenth anniversary of Richard Wagner's death!  You are cordially invited to attend....

And for your listening pleasure here is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra playing the "Tannhauser Overture" by Richard Wagner.

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