Sunday, June 19, 2011

Paper dolls circa 1895

These paper dolls probably belonged to the youngest Moran girl, Marion, who was born about 1884.  I found them all in one envelope inside one of the many boxes containing Moran items.  It's amazing how beautiful and intact they still are after 126 years!  

Some of the dolls are from a company called Barbour's who produced thread and other textile products.  Barbour's was founded in 1784, the date on the back of the Barbour's dolls is 1885.  Here is some reading from Barbour's entitled A Treatise on lace-making and embroidery with Barbour's Flax Thread.

The top row of paper dolls originate from the Coats and Clark thread called O.N.T (One New Thread).  O.N.T. thread became available in 1864.  Here is a short history of the Coats and Clark Company including the development in 1864 of its thread division.

Paper dolls have always been an inexpensive toy for children.  They originated in Paris, moved to England and eventually made there way to America.  For a concise history of American paper dolls visit 

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  1. I always found paper dolls a fascinating reflection of the fashions.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)