Monday, June 20, 2011

Twenty Mule Team Brand Borax - American Girl No. 1 Print 1904

"The usefulness of Borax is not limited to the kitchen and laundry; the wise American girl has Borax in her bath, in her shampoo and on her toilet table.  Borax water is the best cosmetic in the world."  
From a Twenty Mule Team Brand Borax advertisement in

This is American Girl No 1, the first in a series of five.  It measures 14 x 19 inches and was suitable for framing which is exactly what one of the Moran's did back in 1904.  This was still in the Moran family home and is in the original frame.  They were available from the company by sending one box top from a pound of 20 Mule Team Brand Borax and four 1 cent stamps to cover the cost of shipping.  
You could choose which print you wanted to receive. 


  1. Do you know what these prints are worth?

    1. Sorry Justin, no clue as to a dollar value. However, sentimentally it's worth everything to us. :)