Saturday, July 30, 2011

Belle Shumate and Joseph Collins Gentry Reunited

 Today I wanted to reunite Belle Shumate and her husband Joseph Collins Gentry.  Belle Shumate was the daughter of Champ Shumate and Martha J. McClary.  She and J.C. were married November 20, 1878, in Garrard County Kentucky.  Their daughter, Belle Gentry, was born in 1879 in Kentucky.

They moved to Abilene Texas and over the course of the next 5 years had four sons: Blain 1880, Richard 1881, Joseph 1882, and Nathan 1884.  In 1884, Joseph Collins Gentry sold 105 acres on the Rush Branch Turnpike near Stanford Kentucky for the sum of $45. *From Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, April 22 1884.

At the time of his death, his family was living back in Kentucky.   Joseph died suddenly from hemorrhage and his death was reported in the Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford KY, April 10, 1888.  He was buried in Abilene, Texas.

At some point, Belle and her children left Kentucky and moved to Newbern, Tennessee, most likely to be near her older brother Quincy Shumate and his family who also lived in Newbern at that time.

Belle never remarried and she survived her husband by about 52 years.  She died at the home of her daughter after being sick for several months.  Belle was buried in Newbern, Tennessee.

Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford KY, April 10, 1888.  

Joseph Collins Gentry's tombstone.

Obituary of Belle Shumate Gentry, unknown newspaper.
 Clipping found among the papers of Virginia Shumate Moran.

Tombstone of Belle Shumate Gentry.

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