Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Civil War, redux edition

My husband has been called to the war, again.  This time in Missouri, a place called Wilson's Creek.  It just seems like yesterday he was called to Sipsey.  Or was it Parker's Crossroads?  He's been a part of so many battles it's easy to forget their names.  I tremble every time he leaves me and the boy, wondering if he'll be injured in battle or if some illness will carry him off.

I remember the time he was felled at the Battle of Bridgeport.  I received word that he had been taken from the battlefield and was in the hospital.  Medicine being what it is these days I feared my boy would lose a daddy and I a husband.  Thank the Lord he was cured enough to be released but not enough to continue fighting the boys in blue. His comrades left him behind at the Roy Acuff Motel and they once again returned to the battle.  

I must be back to the business of making hardtack and other victuals for his haversack.  His uniform, though not new is mended and clean.  He departs on Friday.  I pray all goes well and he comes back to us soon.

written this day, August 10, 2011
His devoted wife

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