Monday, October 24, 2011

Marion Agnes Moran, circa 1886/87

Marion Agnes Moran was the youngest child of John W. Moran and Sophia Riley Gunn.  She was born in 1885 in Dresden Tennessee.   This picture was taken about 1886/87 and the notation at the bottom says "Marion, To Grandpa with a Kiss."  Take note on the right side of the picture and you'll see an arm reaching across the back of the chair most likely holding Marion by the dress so she doesn't tumble out of the chair!

The Grandpa note would be referring to Lyman Taft Gunn, her maternal grandfather because her paternal grandfather, James Henderson Moran, passed away in 1843.  Lyman Gunn was born in Massachusetts and was a prominent dentist in Nashville.  Many of the Gunn's are buried in Nashville's City Cemetery although most of the headstones are missing.  Lyman Gunn and his second wife, Mary Ann Hall, were living in the Moran home in Dresden at the time of his death.  After his death Mary Ann Gunn moved to Boston and is buried in Forest Hills Cemetery in Suffolk County Massachusetts.  Lyman passed away in 1890, just a few short years after this photo was taken and is buried in Nashville's City Cemetery.

I've posted the photo as we found it but I also did some touch up work to get rid of some of the black spots and stains that are on the original and I've included the "after" image as well.

Picture as it was found Oct, 2011.

Marion, To Grandpa with a kiss.

Photo touched up a bit.

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