Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ladies Club, Dresden TN, ca. 1890's

Socializing with friends and family was an important part of Victorian life.  One form of socializing was the club.  Clubs were formed around things such as books, music and philanthropy.  People with common interests came together to talk about and share information as well as to see and be seen.  Clubs and churches were good places to find like minded people and sometimes even life partners.

Here is a group photo of one of the local ladies clubs in Dresden Tennessee.  Most likely it was taken sometime in the mid-late 1890's.  I haven't been able to make out the name of the club even though it is written on the back of the photo, along with the names of the people in the photograph.  Ida Moran is listed as a member and many of the other names that are listed were her relatives or later they became her relatives through marriages such as Mrs. George Jeter, Mrs. James Irvine and Miss Mary Gray Little.

I've done some research and have included the maiden names and other information of the women listed if available. The names in red are relatives of the Morans, either blood or by marriage.

"??" Club
Mrs George Jeter (Maud Little)- President
Miss Lula Jeter (Maud's sister-in-law)- Vice
Mrs. Joseph E. Jones (Ella Hill) - Her husband wrote an article for the Dresden Enterprise on the death of John Williamson Moran, they were nextdoor neighbors
Mrs. Shobe Smith (Mattie D. Wooldridge)
Mrs. Frank Hall
Mrs James Irvine (Marie Rogers)
Mrs R.E. Maiden 
Mrs Ida Basta (SP?)
Mrs. L.E. Holliday
Mrs Lula Woods (Lula Reavis married a Woods. After he died she married Thomas M. Little who was the brother of Maud and Mary Gray Little)
Mrs R.T. Lewis
Miss Mary Gray Little 
Mrs Charles Ferguson (Sophia A. Irvine)
Ida Moran


  1. do you have a copy of the dresden sesquicentennial publication (1975)? i just scanned a similar photo, but can't figure out how to post it.

  2. I'm sure we have a copy of it but putting my hands on it might take awhile. I don't believe you can post to the blog but if you send it to me I'll post it for you. Be sure to tell me your name so I can credit the addition to you. My email is marymoran.at.home@gmail.com