Saturday, July 30, 2011

Belle Shumate and Joseph Collins Gentry Reunited

 Today I wanted to reunite Belle Shumate and her husband Joseph Collins Gentry.  Belle Shumate was the daughter of Champ Shumate and Martha J. McClary.  She and J.C. were married November 20, 1878, in Garrard County Kentucky.  Their daughter, Belle Gentry, was born in 1879 in Kentucky.

They moved to Abilene Texas and over the course of the next 5 years had four sons: Blain 1880, Richard 1881, Joseph 1882, and Nathan 1884.  In 1884, Joseph Collins Gentry sold 105 acres on the Rush Branch Turnpike near Stanford Kentucky for the sum of $45. *From Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, April 22 1884.

At the time of his death, his family was living back in Kentucky.   Joseph died suddenly from hemorrhage and his death was reported in the Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford KY, April 10, 1888.  He was buried in Abilene, Texas.

At some point, Belle and her children left Kentucky and moved to Newbern, Tennessee, most likely to be near her older brother Quincy Shumate and his family who also lived in Newbern at that time.

Belle never remarried and she survived her husband by about 52 years.  She died at the home of her daughter after being sick for several months.  Belle was buried in Newbern, Tennessee.

Semi-Weekly Interior Journal, Stanford KY, April 10, 1888.  

Joseph Collins Gentry's tombstone.

Obituary of Belle Shumate Gentry, unknown newspaper.
 Clipping found among the papers of Virginia Shumate Moran.

Tombstone of Belle Shumate Gentry.

Dresden High School Class of 1936

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I really wish the scanner fairy would stop by our house and give me a new scanner.  I need one that can scan large pictures and even newspapers.  But since the scanner fairy hasn't shown up I'll have to make due with the old HP All in one.

Here is the Dresden High School Class of 1936 with Nathan H. Moran on the bottom row, first one on the right.  At the bottom of the picture is the motto: Effort brings success.

Top row, right to left: Maurice Brann, Miss Mary Fannie Jeter (English), Miss Fay Lewis (French and English), Mrs. James Logan (Math and History), Mrs. B.L. House (Home Ec), Don Joyner

Second row, right to left:  Margarette Wharton, Claude Hilliard, Mayella (sp?) Ferrell, C.E. Brock Superintendent, C.H. Moore Principal, Craddock Vaughan, K.G. Shankle, Hilda Peery (sp?),

Third row, right to left:  Thomas Rawls, Nellie Ruth Brann, Bill Killebrew, Herbert Westbrooks, Warner (?) Bradberry, Charles Travis

Fourth row, right to left:  Royal Pinkston, Edythe Strong, Viola Westbrooks, E.J. Winstead

Fifth row, right to left:  Arvil L. Pinkston, Ruby Steele, Rupert Pinkston, Topsy (sp?) Bowlon, John T. Jeter, Rachel Thomas

Sixth row, right to left: Minnelle (sp?) Westbrooks, Bill Brooks, Tess Buckley, Carthal Brundige, Sue Ellen Sandefer, Warren Bradberry, Josephine Clement, Harold Clement Cashon

Bottom row, right to left: Nathan H. Moran, Nedra Parker, Taylor Thomas, Marilyn Alexander Valedictorian,  Sherman Westbrooks

Congratulations Class of '36
Dresden, Tennessee

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm My Own Grandpa

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Today is one of those genealogical days that make my head hurt and remind me of the song I'm My Own Grandpa by Ray Stevens.

Some weeks back I had been researching my husbands great grandfather, Nathan M. Shumate.  I had discovered that Nathan had married Margaret J. Adams and one of the offspring from that union became my husbands grandmother, Virginia Shumate Moran.  So far so good.

Nathan married Annie Purcell after the death of his first wife, Margaret.  Family gossip said that Nathan's three daughters didn't get along with his new wife. It happens. To make matters worse Nathan had a child by Annie so now there was a not just a step-mother but a step-sister.

In addition, Annie Purcell was not just the second wife of Nathan.  She was the first wife of Milton Green Dermon and they had four children of their own which came into the Shumate household.

The three original daughters started spending a lot of time with their uncle Quincy Shumate and his wife Lou in Newbern, TN. Quincy and his wife had six children of their own.  You can see it's starting to get a little complicated.

I didn't give anymore thought to Annie Purcell and Milton Green Dermon because they weren't blood relatives and I had way too many other people to track down.

My research continues and from notes I have I was able to confirm that Margaret J. Adams (first wife of Nathan) parents are Cy W. Adams and Mary Elizabeth Cummins.  I use but I also use original source material so I'm happy with my finds.

Today I was delving into the parentage of Mary Elizabeth Cummins and have confirmed through records that her parents are Stephen (corrected from Samuel) G. Cummins Jr and Amanda Carson.  But...I've also run into a name that I've seen before, Milton Green Dermon.  According to the 1860 Census, Milton age 16, was living in the Cummins household and he's listed as an orphan.  Interesting.  Could it possibly be the same Milton Green Dermon?  The birth year pans out and how many Milton Green Dermons can there be in Rockcastle County Kentucky in 1860?

So I move on to the 1870 Census and there he is again, still living in the household with the Cummins family.  This time he's listed as a farmer.   Up next, the 1880 census which now lists him as a boarder with the Cummins family.  Who the heck is he and how did this orphan come to live with Stephen Cummins?

Time to look into who were the parents of Stephen (corrected from Samuel) Cummins.  His father was Stephen G. Cummins Sr. and his mother, depending on which records you're looking at, list her as Clarissa Dermon/Durmon/Dearmond.  You've got to be kidding me!  I haven't found out yet what relationship there is between Clarissa Dermon and Milton Dermon but it's very very possible that Milton Dermon is a blood relative to Nathan Shumate's first wife, Margaret Adams.  And as I've already reported, Milton Dermon was the first husband of Annie Purcell, who was also Nathan Shumates second wife.  Which means that all of the children from the Shumate, Adams, Dermon, Purcell marriages are blood related and not just step children to each other!

Nathan Shumate married Margaret Adams in 1884, had 3 children. Margaret died in 1896.
Milton G. Dermon married Annie Purcell in 1883, had 4 children.  Milton died in 1894.
Nathan Shumate married Annie Purcell Dermon in 1896, had 1 child.

I believe Margaret J. Adams Shumate and Milton G. Dermon are related by blood through the Stephen (corrected from Samuel) G Cummins and Clarissa Dermon union.  How?  I'm not sure yet but it's almost to the point that someone is their own grandpa!

The search goes on.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Three Dolls, circa 1920

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Durability and toys don't usually go hand and hand.  Some kids play rough and tumble with their toys, others are more gently.  These dolls have seen some rough play but are still around after almost 100 years.  They've come out of the steamer trunk and the cedar chests to see the light of day again.  These dolls probably belonged to a very young Louise Moran and I believe them to be from around 1920.

Three dolls from the Moran family.  Circa 1920.

Cute bunny doll.

Articulated doll, head view.  I particularly like this image because she reminds
me of the statues of angels in cemeteries.

Very unhappy, two faced doll.

Happy side, two faced doll.
This one reminds me of the creepy dolls in Toy Story.

Side view of two faced doll.
There's just something about a two faced doll that is creepy.