Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dr. Arthur Carroll Scott Sr. renowned Cancer Specialist

Martha Helen Moran was one of John Williamson Moran's sisters.  She married Rufus Franklin Scott and they moved to Gainesville Texas.  She and Rufus had five sons: William, Moran, Arthur, Oscar and Berry. Arthur Carroll (also seen as Carrell) Scott was born 1865 and died in 1940.

Arthur Carroll Scott Sr.  packed a lot into that 85 years.  He graduated from Bellevue Medical College in 1886 winning an internship to Western Pennsylvania Hospital.  He returned to Gainesville and married Maud M. Sherwood and began private practice in 1889.  He was appointed Chief Surgeon in 1892 of the Gold, Colorado and Sante Fe Hospital in Temple Texas.  He and Dr. Raleigh R. White Jr formed a private partnership in 1897 and in 1904 they founded they Temple Sanitarium which the directed together.  Dr. White died in 1917 and Dr. Scott established a partnership with Dr. B.V. Brindley Sr and Dr. M.W. Sherwood.  The hospital became the Scott and White Hospital in 1922.

Dr. Scott was in internationally respected authority in the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer.  In 1933 Scott and White Hospital received accreditation from the American College of Surgeons as a cancer treatment center, the first in Texas.  Dr. Scott was active in local organizations and numerous medical organizations. The hospital he helped co-found became a multi-specialty treatment facility and is renowned throughout the United States.  Dr. Scott even has an historical marker dedicated to him by the Texas Historical Survey Committee.

Here is a Christmas card from Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Carroll Scott Sr., to his Moran cousins in Dresden, TN.  The envelope is missing but we know it pre-dates 1940 as that's when Dr. Scott passed away.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mrs. Simon Bolivar Buckner of Kentucky 1831-1873

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Mary Jane Kingsbury was the daughter of Major Julius Kingsbury and Jane Stebbins of Connecticutt.  She and Second Lieutenant Simon Bolivar Buckner (my husbands first cousin thrice removed) met at Sackett's Harbor when both he and her father were stationed there during the mid to late 1840's.  Buckner went off to the Mexican War and kept up a correspondence with Miss Kingsbury. When he returned they were married in Old Lyme on May 2, 1850. The couple had two children, Lily and Henry.  Henry (1860 - abt 1861) died sometime before the age of two.  Lily (1858-1893) grew to adulthood and married Morris B. Belknap. After suffering from tuberculosis for five years Mary Jane Kingsbury Buckner succumbed to the disease in January 1874.
From the book Simon Bolivar Buckner Borderland Knight by Arndt M. Stickles

Simon Bolivar Buckner was a military man and politician.  He rose to the rank of General in the Confederate States Army and in 1887 was elected Governor of Kentucky. Eleven years after the death of his wife, Mary Kingsbury Buckner, he married Delia Claiborne.  Their son, Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr, went on to have his own impressive military career even reaching the rank of General as did his father.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Whiskey, Education and The Webb School Debate of 1897

James and Charles Moran had applied to attend The Webb School in Bell Buckle Tennessee but there were so many applicants that they had to wait a semester or two before entering.  The time didn't go to waste though as they were accepted into the Vanderbilt Training School in Elkton Kentucky and attended there until space opened up for them at Bell Buckle.

Here is an invitation to a debate sponsored by the Hamilton and Platonic Societies in 1897.  The topic dealt with labor organizations.  Also, as a side note, I noticed the name Thomas G. Motlow is listed as a president on the invitation.  The Motlow family are relatives of Jack Daniels.  As a matter of fact Jack Daniels didn't marry and so he took his favorite nephew Lem Motlow and started him in the distillery business as the bookkeeper.  Upon Jack's death he left the famous Jack Daniel's Distillery to Lem Motlow.  

In addition to making some mighty fine whiskey, in 1969 the Motlow family gave 187 acres of land on which Motlow State Community College was built.  I guess you could say it's the college that whiskey built.

James Henderson Moran's invitation to the debate.

Debate Programme

The calling card which was enclosed in the invitation.

Governor Charles Slaughter Morehead of Kentucky, 1855-1859

Charles Slaughter Morehead from the
Kentucky Dept of Libraries and Archives

Charles Slaughter Morehead, 1802-1868
At least we think it's him.
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Who was Charles Slaughter Morehead? He was many things including Attorney General of Kentucky 1830-1835.  A United States Representative from Kentucky, 1847-1851 and the Governor of Kentucky, 1855-1859.  He was also a Delegate to the Peace Convention in Washington D.C. in 1861.  He was accused of treason because his sympathies lay with the South during the Civil War.  He was even arrested and confined in Fort Lafayette, New York, by Federal authorities for disloyalty, 1861-1862.  He was released after several of his prominent friends asked for his release however, he was not allowed to go back to Kentucky or any southern states and he went into exile in Canada, Europe and Mexico.  After the war, he moved to Greenville Mississippi.  He is buried in Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Kentucky.

The picture we have comes from a very old Album that held a number of CDV's and a few tintypes.  We are fortunate that some of the pictures have names written on them and most of them are Morehead's with a few Gunn's in there as well.  The Morehead and Gunn Family had several connections in their day.  My husband, a Moran,  is related to the Morehead family through his great great grandmother, Caroline Morehead Gunn.  She is the daughter of Turner Morehead and Mary Polly Ann Hewitt Hooe.  Caroline Morehead married Lyman Taft Gunn and the Moreheads have another connection to the Gunn's via the marriage of Sallie Boyd to Lyman T. Gunn's son, Lyman Cephas Gunn.  To see a very messed up family chart take a look here.  Anyway, according to the Consanguinity Chart my husband and Charles Morehead are 1st cousins, thrice removed..

Backside of the image above of Charles Slaughter Morehead.

We think that this picture looks very much like Charles S. Morehead in his later years. Unfortunately, it is one of the unmarked pictures in the photo album.  The photographer's mark is Bogardus, 363 Broadway Cor. Franklin St., N.Y.  Abraham Bogardus was a well known daguerrotypist producing about 200,000 in his career and we know that Morehead was held prisoner in New York in 1861-1862 so it is very possible that after he was released from prison he sat for Bogardus before leaving the country in exile.

We can't say for certain that this is Charles S. Morehead but when you look at the provenance of the picture the odds of it being him greatly increase.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Gustave Toutant Beauregard, Revisited

Pierre Toutant Beauregard
1879 - 1931
circa 1897

Here's another photo of Pierre Toutant Beauregard, grandson of the famous General.  Pierre did not become as famous as his grandfather, General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, but he did alright as a Captain in the United States Army and later as an attorney for the United States Federal Trade Commission.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

George Washington Carver and the Sweet Potato

Cover of the Sweet Potato Festival Program, 1937
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In 1937 the first ever Sweet Potato Festival was held in Dresden, Tennessee and Charles H. Moran was the Chairman of the Festival.  

Charles Harrell Moran, Chairman
1937 Sweet Potato Festival

C. H. Moran had always been interested in agricultural experimentation and was very familiar with the work of George Washington Carver.  In his capacity as Chairman, he wrote to Carver to solicit his input into the Festival.  Better known for his work with the peanut and his How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption Carver also experimented with sweet potatoes and published How the Farmer Can Save His Sweet Potatoes and Ways of Preparing them for the Table.   However by 1937 Mr. Carver had left the sweet potato behind and was devoting his time to the rehabilitation of infantile paralysis victims per his return letter to C. H. Moran.

Letter from George Washington Carver.

George Washington Carver