Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Turn of the Century Parade, Dresden Tennessee

I don't know what they were celebrating but this is a parade picture taken in the late 1890's or perhaps early 1900's in Dresden Tennessee.  The building in the background is the old courthouse.  The center section was built in 1858 by a contractor named Cowardin.  The Cowardin's are cousins of the Morans.  The later side sections were built by L.E. Wingo. The Wingo's are also cousins of the Moran family.  The courthouse burnt down in 1948.  

The only person we've been able to identify in the picture so far is James Henderson Moran III.  He's the handsome dandy riding the horse on the left side of the picture.  

Parade at the Courthouse Dresden, Tennessee

The man on the left is James H. Moran III.

Closeup of  horse with festive flowers and garlands.  Notice the bridle and harness
is even wrapped with ribbon.

It's possible some of these are Moran women or Moran relatives. 

Detail of woman driving carriage.  Notice the reins are decorated with ribbons too.

This is the group in the background on the left side of the picture.

We don't know who the man is but he looks authoritative!

Close up of the center grouping in the background.

Closeup of the background group on the right side.

Man on center horse.

Woman framed by doorframe.

Ribboned and flowered carriage.wheel detail.

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