Friday, March 9, 2012

The Gentry Family - Newbern Tennessee

Blain and Joe 7/7/54
Newbern Tennessee

Blain and Joe 7/7/54,
Newbern Tennessee

Joseph Helm Gentry
Martha Blain Gentry
We've been able to figure out that Blain and Joe are two of the children of Joseph Collins Gentry and Belle Shumate.  Belle Shumate is the aunt of Virginia Shumate Moran. I'm sure there were quite a few visits back and forth between Newbern and Dresden back in the day!
Nathan Blythe Gentry
Blain married Benjamin Franklin Grisham of Newbern Tennessee.  I can't find any evidence that Joseph ever married.  In addition to Blain and Joe there were two more Gentry siblings, Richard Collins Gentry and Nathan Blythe Gentry.  Like their brother Joe it appears that Collins and Blythe remained single. With the exception of Joseph Collins Gentry, who died in Abilene and was buried there, the other Gentry's lived in and were buried in Newbern Tennessee.
First Cousins Joseph Helm Gentry and Virginia Shumate Moran. 


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