Sunday, May 13, 2012

1917 - The Cobb Home, Union City Tennessee

This picture postcard features the home of Marion Moran and her husband Charles Henry Cobb.  The home is located in Union City Tennessee at the corner of N. Home and E. Main Street. The little girl in the front yard is their daughter, Caroline Elizabeth Cobb.  The post card was sent to Marion's brother, Charles Harrell Moran.

"Teatot isn't coming until next Friday, however, would be glad to ha eyou spend this Sunday and next with us too.  Devotedly, Marion."  Dated Aug 20, 1917.  Teatot is the nickname they had for their sister Ida Morehead Moran.  Ida was married to William Gilmer Timberlake and they lived in Jackson Tennessee.

And this is how the house appears today.

 This is a front and side view.

Here we have a front view.

And this is a side and back view.

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