Friday, May 25, 2012

1938 Dresden Home - Coming

This sounded like a great time with a dirty joke contest, veil dancing, good food and great friends.  I believe Oscar Alexander to be John Oscar Alexander Sr and Mary Alexander is Mary Katherine Mitchell Alexander his wife.  I'm taking a guess here that "Mutt Alexander" is their son, John Oscar Alexander Jr.  As for "Snow Irvine" I can't make a guess.  There were several Irvine's and many of them all had their own nicknames of Bit, Bump and Blue!  Peck Mayo is another one that will remain a mystery unless someone can step forward and claim him as their own!  There were two John Irvine's: John Albert Irvine and John Sidney Irvine.  No clue which one was keeping the stork away.  

Herbert Stone was Herbert Given Stone.  He married Josephine Marguerite Boyd in 1918 in Dresden.  By 1930 he had moved to Kingsport TN along with several other locals including James Moran IV where they worked at Eastman Kodak.  The Boyds are related to the Moran's through the Scott/Rogers/Blakemore connection.  Herbert Stone made a lot of money and he purchased the historic home known as Rotherwood built in 1818 by Reverend Frederick Ross.  His daughter, Rowena, was engaged to a young man who died when his boat overturned on the river in front of Rotherwood.   Rowena's second fiance died from Yellow Fever.  She eventually succeeded in getting married and she had a daughter.  When her daughter was 6 years old, Rowena committed suicide.  Apparently she thought she heard the voice of her first love calling from the river and she followed the voice into the river.  According to some, Rowena and others haunt Rotherwood.  Sounds like a great place to live!  :)

But forget about Rotherwood and join us for the 

PLACE ***Old Dresden Club House on Reelfoot Lake
TIME    ***Friday, July 15th through Sunday, July 17th
BRING ***Sheets, blankets, pillows, knife and fork (if you use fork), Spoon, Cup
Don't bother about tooth brush as we can all use the old club house brush.
Listen Folks - We have been trying to get together for a long time.  Let's all go and have a good time once more before we check out of this good ol' world.  (We may not all see each other again after we leave here) Everybody that does not show up is a big "Sissy"
Oscar Alexander is treasurer.  Send him $5 in advance in order that everything will be ready when we get there.  This is $5 per couple.
Big veil dance Friday night at midnight - Mutt Alexander
Dirty joke contest Saturday night (No limit)
(Judges will be picked)
Lemonade Drinking Contest Saturday night at Dinner
by - Snow Irvine and Peck Mayo - Served by Roscoe
(Judges * Sara and Lucille)
The show will start with a big fish dinner Friday around 6:00 pm - - Don't eat anything before then - that day.
Ladies, you won't have to worry for old faithful John Irvine will be there to keep off the storks.
No drinking permitted (If your wife objects and is close by)
No rules against getting away from your wife - if you can.
If the drinks run out old Herbert Stone knows how to make them.  (gin for instance) by the way Herbert, all drinks will be served up stairs and not in the basement.  The husbands are to be with their wives when you serve (this time).
Every wife that gets mad at her husband on this trip will be barred from all meetings in the future.  (regardless of what the husband does)  Let's all be broadminded.
Swimming ** fishing ** dancing ** card playing and anything else you can think of that you want to do.
(Subject to approval)
Last but not least ** the meals are planned by Mary Alexander and Millie Brooks.  And boy do they know how!!
P.S. Agan we say all that are not there are ?*@3/4&%#'(etc)

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