Thursday, May 10, 2012

Trenton Outing Club, 1922

Trenton Outing Club, Reelfoot Lake Tennessee
1922, photograph by Verne Sabin
James H. Moran III was about as outdoorsy as they come.  He enjoyed hunting, trap shooting, boating, and sports.  He won and/or placed in several shooting competitions bringing home several silver cups.

In addition, he and many others were members of the Dresden Gun Club

"How do you like the looks of this"  With Love, Nancy"
To Mr James H. Moran, Dresden Tenn
The Trenton Outing Club was one of several sportsmen's lodges in the Reelfoot Lake Area.  I would imagine that Nancy sent this to Jim as a possibility for them to all visit the lodge.  The postcard is from 1922 and the photograph was taken by Verne Sabin.  Verne and Nonie Sabin operated a photography studio in Union City Tennessee from 1910 to 1924 when they moved to Texas.  The Tennessee State Library and Archives is home to a large collection of photographs by the Sabins including the Trenton Outing Lodge.

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