Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Texas Harris', A Shumate and a Moran

This photograph helped me fill in some of the information for the Harris branch from Texas.   Uncle Brud is 62 years old in this picture that I believe was taken at the Moran home in Dresden Tennessee.  The boy named Jim, well, I haven't figured out who he is yet.  There are a lot of Jim's in the Moran extended family it's just a matter of narrowing it down to which Jim.

Maibelle Shumate Harris is Brud's sister-in-law and the sister of Virginia Shumate Moran.  Maibelle and Virginia's parents were Nathan McClary Shumate and Margaret Jane Adams of Rockcastle County Kentucky.  Their youngest sister was Louise Shumate Durway who passed away in 1921.  Maibelle ws married to Newton Temple Harris, the brother of Virginia and Mattie Mai who are also pictured here.

Newton Temple (not pictured), Bertie Victoria (not pictured), Mattie Mai and Virginia Frances are the children of William Dawson Harris and Mary (Mollie) Rush Temple. Their grandfather was W. Miniard (Maynard) Harris who was born in North Carolina.  An excellent resource for the Harris family is The Edward Harris Family Its Lineage and Traditions by Marie Harris Key.

Mattie Mai Harris married Elisha Brinton Ingram March 7, 1916 in Tarrant County, Texas. Their daughter Martha M. Ingram was born in 1924.

Virginia Frances Harris was the youngest child of William and Mollie Harris.  She never married.

Bertie Victoria Harris, how much more Victorian of a name can you get than Bertie Victoria?? Bertie married Henry Lee Spencer and they had a daughter named Mary Katherine Spencer.

Newton Temple Harris married Maibelle Shumate.  They had five children: Newton Temple Harris Jr, William Shumate Harris, Margaret Frances Harris, and one set of twins Joseph Brinton Harris Sr and his unnamed sister who died at birth.

I don't know who annotated the back of the picture with the names but I salute them!!!


  1. The boy you've identified as "Jim" is my father, Newton Temple Harris, Jr.

  2. Hello Mary Dee! You are my husband Kent's second cousin. The reason that boy is labeled Jim is because whoever annotated the back of the photo so many years ago listed him as Jim. Thank you for letting us know who he really is!