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You are Invited to the Moran Family Reunion, July 1945

I ran across a stack of pictures dated July 1945 and annotated as Moran Reunion.  The reunion was held at Moran Place in Dresden Tennessee included Ezzell's, Dobson's, Godown's, and well, Moran's.  :)  So without further ado, welcome to the reunion of 1945.

Back row left to right:
Louise Moran, James H Moran III, Virginia Shumate Moran, James H Moran IV.

Front row left to right:
Dottie Moran, Nathan H Moran (Bub), Virginia Moran, Sandra Moran and James H Moran V.

This is Carolyn Cobb.  Her mother was Marion Moran and her father was Charles Cobb of Union City.  She's pictured here with her husband Joseph Linton Godown.  He was a professional photographer and they lived in Union City Tennessee.  They later moved to Memphis. She and Linton had four children.  The first was baby Godown and who died shortly after his birth in 1940.  The next child, John Linton Godown, was born in 1941 and died a few months later in 1941.  James Moran Godown was born in 1943 and died in 2001.  Their only daughter, Marion Sophia Godown, was born in 1946 and is still living in Memphis. It's very possible that Carolyn was a few weeks pregnant with her daughter when this picture was taken.

This is James Moran Godown with his wheelbarrow.

Here's an informal snapshot taken on the front steps.

This is Sophia Eleanor Ezzell with her husband Matthew Hughes Dobson.  That little one is James H. Moran the fifth, son of James H. Moran the IV and his wife Betty. The Dobson home was known as Harpeth Farms near Nashville. Sophia was the daughter of Fannie Moran and James B. Ezzell.

In the background, on the porch with his hands on his hips is Charles Harrell Moran, Uncle Brud.  With his good business sense and frugal nature he saved the family home and land after the depression.

The photo below was a bit more organized and formal with the entire group on the front porch.  This photograph was taken by Linton Godown.

This is John Moran Ezzell and his wife Margaret "Peggy" Rhett Cuthbert of South Carolina.  He and Sophia Ezzell Dobson are brother and sister.   Peggy is a descendant of Robert Barnwell Rhett who was dubbed the "Father of Secession."  She and John had two children: Margaret Rhett Ezzell and James B. Ezzell.

This is a picture of Kitty and the children.  Kitty was the cook and housekeeper at Moran Place.  From left to right is Virginia Moran, Sandra Moran, Dottie Moran, and Kitty is holding hands with James H. Moran V and James Moran Godown.

Here we have James H Moran IV and his wife Elizabeth "Betty" McCloskey. Their four children are Sandra, Dottie, Virginia and James the fifth.  They lived in Kingsport Tennessee.

The hands on hips must be a Moran man thing.   Notice Uncle Brud is still on the porch in the background.

This dapper looking fellow is Nathan Harrell Moran.  At this time he was a Sergeant.  Nice stripes.  :)

This cutie is the oldest child of Betty and James Moran.  Her name is Sandra Jane Moran.

This is a wonderful picture of Virginia Shumate Moran and Matt Dobson.  Virginia was the daughter of Nathan McClary Shumate and Margaret "Maggie" Jane Adams from Kentucky. Virginia was simply stunning back in the day.

Louise Moran, the only daughter and youngest child of Virginia and James the III, had just recently graduated with a BA from Southwestern College in Memphis.

What family gathering would not be complete without getting a little something extra to drink out back behind the garage??  James the third new how to party!

Here's Uncle Brud getting a squeeze from his niece Louise.

And that ends our trip to the Moran Family Reunion of 1945.  We hope you had a good time and hope to see you again real soon.

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