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Lookout Mountain August 1907

C.H. Moran (Brud) at Lookout Mountain 1907
I think this is one of the most poignant of the Moran photographs.

Written by Charles Harrell Moran (Brud) to his father John Williamson Moran August 18, 1907 from Lookout Mountain Inn.  The Inn was a majestic building and sat atop Lookout Mountain Tennessee.  It was a stop on the rail line as you can see in this picture.  The inn was destroyed November 17, 1908 by a fire.

You can see from Brud's comments that the Civil War was still a sore spot.  He, like so many Southerners even today, are very passionate about the War of the Rebellion.  In addition, one must remember that his father was injured during the War and many many of his relatives died including his father's brother James Henderson Moran Jr and his grandmother's brother Thomas Larkin HARRIS who died at Shiloh and is buried in a mass grave there.

Lookout Mountain Letter page 1
Mr. J.W. Moran
     Dresden Tenn.

Dear Papa:

I feel sure you are lonesome today.  I saw Marion, Sophia, Charlie, and the baby get off the train that I got on at Newsom.  (Marion was his sister and she was married to Charlie (Charles H. COBB of Union City TN).  The baby was their daughter Caroline Cobb who was a few months old.  Sophia was the daughter of Brud's sister Fannie Moran Ezzell and James B. EZZELL.  Sophia was about 10 at the time.  Newsom Station was where the Ezzell's lived.)

I bought my ticket via Savannah Ga, will take ship there Monday at 3 o'clock for New York- will be at Hotel Latham while there.  I believe this is the place where John BRASFIELD stops.

Lookout Mountain Letter page 2
Have just walked over the battle grounds of LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, think it such a pity that the FEDERALS have all the monuments to tell of their gallant deeds, but I hope the SOUTH will yet outdo them in the monument building as she did on the field of battle.  I am stopping at this hotel long enough to write you this note which I do in hast in order to catch the next car.

I hope this will find you well.

Yours in the clouds,
C.H. Moran

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