Friday, June 1, 2012

Thomas Roberta Little and Forrest Ferguson

Thomas Robert Little, nicknamed Tommie, was the daughter of Richard Mobley Little and Ina Allen Bobbitt of Weakley County Tennessee. I have written previously about the Little-Ferguson-Moran connection after finding a jaunty picture of "Dr. Ted" aka Richard Little.   Tommie married Forrest Ferguson, Uncle Ferg, who is Kent's second cousin twice removed.   They had no children.

Sadly, Richard Mobley Little passed away in 1932 and his wife, Ina Bobbitt Little, spent the last 24 years of her life at Western State Hospital in Bolivar, Tennessee.  Leaving Tommie's sister and brother-in-law to "give the bride away."  Her sister Sarah E. Little was married to Charles Wesley Ward.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wesley Ward
announce the marriage of their sister
Thomas Roberta Little
Mr. Forrest Ferguson
on Tuesday, the Thirtieth of July
Nineteen hundred thirty-five
Greenfield, Tennessee

Ferg was the son of Charles Augustus Ferguson and Sophia A. Irvine.  He enjoyed fishing and had been in the Navy.  Later he was the Postmaster at Greenfield, Tennessee.

In the picture below a young Forrest is pictured with his mother Sophia Irvine Ferguson and his two brothers Harry M. Ferguson (1906-1969) and Albert Granville Ferguson (1902-1991).  Taken about 1907.

Popular Couple Married Here
A wedding that attracted wide interest throughout West Tennessee was quietly performed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack McAdams last Tuesday evening at 8:00 o'clock, when Miss Tommie Little of Martin, was married to Mr. Forrest Ferguson, of Dresden, with the Rev. Cayce Pentecost saying the ceremony.  The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. R.M. Little, while the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ferguson.

The bride wore a beautiful gown of green gorgette with orchid accessories and a corsage of orchids.  The star was beautiful in its simplicity decorated with green candles and purple asters.  The house was decorated with gladiolus.

The bride is a graduate of Peabody college and Vanderbilt University.  She has been a member of the Martin High School faculty for the past five years.  The groom is a member of the firm of Ferguson Cotton Company, of New York.

The out of town guests attending the wedding were:  Dr. and Mrs. Glendenin, Mrs. W. B. Simmons, Mary Elizabeth LaFon, Frank Smith, Maureen Wilson and Mrs. Bill Wilson, of Martin; Mrs. Ophie Ferguson, Sam Winstead and Albert Ferguson, of Dresden.

After a two weeks honeymoon in Wisconsin, they will be at home in Dallas, Tex.


  1. Thank you very much for this information about Uncle Ferg and Mrs. T! My grandfather on my father's side of the family was Jack McAdams and his wife's sister was Tommie Little. I affectionately referred to Uncle Forrest and Aunt Tommie as Uncle Ferg and Mrs. T and I was "Little Ferg" to them, as my parents gave me the middle name of Ferguson. I have such wonderful memories of visiting them and my grandmother (Hazel) in Greenfield throughout my childhood.
    John McAdams

    1. John, Thank you for writing. At the time I posted this entry I didn't know who the McAdams were or how the fit into our genealogy. I just revisited the family tree and saw that I had no information for Mary Little who I now know is Mary Hazel Little McAdams. I'll be spending more time filling in that part of the tree.

      Mary Moran

    2. Hi Mary:
      Nice to meet you! Are you part of our "family tree"? We used to visit Cousins Johnny and Martha Ward and their kids in Richmond, VA. Is your husband related to the Ward family?
      Take care,


  2. Forrest Ferguson is a second cousin once removed of my husband, Kent Moran. shows it this way:
    Forrest Ferguson (1899 - 1990)
    2nd cousin 1x removed of husband
    Sophia A. Irvine (1876 - 1958), mother of Forrest Ferguson
    Agnes Marion Moran (1838 - 1932), mother of Sophia A. Irvine
    James Henderson Moran (1796 - 1843), father of Agnes Marion Moran
    John Williamson Moran (1840 - 1912), son of James Henderson Moran
    James Henderson Moran III (1879 - 1968), son of John Williamson Moran
    Nathan Harrell Moran (1918 - 1982), son of James Henderson Moran III
    Nathan Kent Moran (1960 - ), son of Nathan Harrell Moran

    Kent does have some Wards in his family tree. There is John Wesley Ward born in 1801 in VA died in Oct 1865 in Shelby County TN. There is a Ward Cemetery not far from us in Lucy TN. We visited a few years ago and documented a lot of the graves. In addition I see a John Ward, son of Charles Wesley Ward and Sarah E. Little but I haven't filled in anything else for him. Is that the Johnny that's married to Martha? Feel free to write me at It's easier to communicate that way. :)