Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. James Moran Guests of Mrs. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. James Moran of Dresden Tenn. arrived in Gainesville Friday for a short visit with Mrs. Annie I. (Irvine) Scott, 326 South Denton street.

Mr and Mrs. Moran have been guests of their son, Harold Scott, in Oklahoma City, for several days.  From here they will go to Fort Worth to visit other relatives.

Mr. Moran is a nephew of the later Mrs. R.F. Scott of Gainesville, whose maiden name was Moran.  The Moran and Scott families' originial home is in Dresden, from which place Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Scott came to Gainesville in 1858, a year after their marriage in Tennessee.

James Moran is retired from active business.

We aren't sure who Harold Scott of Oklahoma City was.  The Moran's did not have a son named Harold.  I thought it might've been Annie Scott's son but at this time we haven't found any record of her having a son.  She and her ex-husband Oscar Scott had two girls: Orlean and Mary Irvine Scott

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