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1895 Morton's Opera House Playbill, Paducah Kentucky

Today's ephemera comes from Morton's Opera House in Paducah Kentucky and is dated May 1, 1895. I'm not sure which of the Moran's it belonged to but in true Moran style they saved it like most everything else.

Morton's was destroyed by fire in 1900 and replaced with the Kentucky Opera House.  Items like this program capture a moment in time that may not be found anywhere else.  If the Opera House burned in 1900, I wonder how many of the other businesses that advertised in the program are defunct and how many have been lost through the ages only to be seen again by this piece of history.

On this particular Wednesday night in Paducah Kentucky the United States Marine Band was performing at the Opera House.  Other events in May of 1895 include the birth of Rudolph Valentino, China ceded Taiwan to Japan, Oscar Wilde is convicted & sentenced to 2 years hard labor for being a sodomite, Birt Acres patents a film camera, and Russian scientist Alexander Stepanovich Popov demonstrates his invention, the world's first radio receiver, to the Russian Physical and Chemical Society.

Mortons Opera House Program
R.L. Morgan, Publisher, 402 Broadway
Vol. VII     Paducah, KY
May 1, 1895
No. 52

TO-NIGHT - The Famous United States Marine Band
1. March - Marine Band...Fanciulli
2. Overture - Wm. Tell...Rossini
3. Scenes Picturesque...Massenet
-Program continued on Third Page

-Van Culin Bros Leading Booksellers and Stationers 326 Broadway.
-The Buffet 400 Broadway, All the standard Mixed Drinks, Ice Cold Beer Hot Lunch from 9am to 1pm, Geo. Detzel, Prop.
-Ice Cream at Rasor's Broadway -Campbell Boock-Near rth.
-Boston Candy Kitchen, Only genuine French Chewing Candy in the City. Fresh candies made daily in a great variety. 3d Street, near News Office
-Notice Change of Address, Palmer House Block, 423 Broadway, Telephone 5 & 8, St. -Bernard Coal Co. Pittsburgh & KY Coal 401 Broadway, Yard Jeff & R.R., R.G. Rouse - Agent

-Ed Ware & Co., Stein Bloch Co's Are exclusive handlers of Celebrated Men's and Boy's Tailor Made Clothing.  The Stein Bloch co., is acknowledged by all to make the best clothing in the world, and the prices are just as low as you would have to pay for inferior goods. 319 Broadway. New Spring Goods Being Received Daily.
-Oysters Bulk & Cans. In cans: 30, 40, 50 cents. In Bulk: 40 and 50c quart. Calissi's 304 Broadway. Fine Fruits Only
-S.A Howe, Blacksmith and Repair shop, Cor Fifth and Jefferson.  Fine Track Work a Specialty. Experienced Workmen. General Repairing Promptly Done. Satisfaction Guaranteed, TRY ME.
-Goodman's Old Cutter 10c. Lunch Now Cor. 4th & Court
-Goodman's Between Acts. Turn to left on going down stairs
-M.E. Jones Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Tinware, Cutlery, Carpenters' Tools, Cor. Court and 2d, Paducah, Ky.
-Jos. Petter. The Reliable Jeweler, Repairing a Specialty 112 S. Third
-J.W. Scott, Choice Fruits and Confections, 408 Broadway.
-Joe Brenner, Boots & Shoes Made to Order, Special Attention given to Repair Work. Court Street. Opposite Marked 210.
-Star Steam Laundry, Biggest and Best, 106 Broadway - Telephone 200, Short time work a Specialty.

1. March.
2. Air Du Bal
3. The Angelus
4. Bohemian Feast (with this composition, the band won the first prize at the International contest.)
4. Fantasia for Flute-Sleep Well my child...Popp, Mr. Henry Jaeger.
6. Grand Selection -La Gioconda...Ponchielli
6.  For All Eternity...Mascheroni, Miss Ronia
7.  Descriptive Comique Fantasie-A Trip to Manhattan Beach...Banciulli Description-Break of Day. Sunrise. Waking up. Hurrying to the boat. Barcarole down the Harbor. Rush for the cars. Railroad ride. Glorious day at the Beach. Gamboling on the sands. Sea Nymps' dance. Incitation of Fire Works, which call forth the usual exclamations, after which all return to "Home Sweet Home."
8. March--American Republic...Thiele
9. Hail Columbia...Fyles

-Fine Line Perfumery and Sachet Powders Lyne & Lyne's Drug Store, 224 Broadway.
-Go To J.W. Long & Bro. 421 Broadway. For High Grade Pianos, Organs, Guitars, Mandolins, Banjos, Etc. Agents for Steinway,  Behr Bros., Krutzman and other Pianos.  Goods sold for cash or on easy payments. 421 Broadway.
-Little Ben's Loan Office. Unredeemed Goods Always on Hand. Watches, Diamonds, Guns, Pistols, Clothing, Etc.
Money to Loan.
South Second Street, Near Broadway
-Visit the Bee Hive Kandy Kitchen for Fresh Candies and Pure Ice Cream and Other Sodas, 5c. Broadway.

Large Shipment Just In of Scholoss Bros. & Co's Fine Clothing
These Suits are worth $10, 12.50, 15, 18, 20, and $22.50.
They are not cheap, shody, half made-up suits, but stylish, elegant suits, made right, and much cheaper than you have ever seen the same class of goods.
We want you to see these suits, because we want your trade, and we believe if you see them you will buy them.
Full Dress Suits, $33
Ed.Ware & Co.
American Clothiers,
and Merchant Tailors.
319 Broadway - Paducah, KY

- Our Sign is the BIG HATCHET, Largest Store in the City.
Scott Hardware CO., 318, 320, 322, 324, Broadway

-Allison's Fine Photos
At reduced price during May
Instantaneous Processes
The Finest Finish
Bring the Babies
405 1/2 Broadway

-Buy Cycles, Buy Bycles, Bicycle Parts
Columbia $100,
Cleveland $100, Hartford 60 and $80
Trilby $50
Boys and Girls $20
See the Small Special
Old Wheels Taken in Exchange Jas. W. Gleaves & Sons, 416 Broadway
Bicycles Repaired

-Smoke McGruder's NO. 1
Best 5c Cigar in the City.
-Teeth without plates
Gold and Porcelain Crowns
W.H. Pitcher, Dentist,
114 N. 3d St., Ground Floor
Nothing but the finest work done. Teeth extracted without pain.
-The Perfection of Chewing Gum
Famous Tropical Fruit
Van Culin Brothers
Paducah, KY
-J.T. Bishop Agent for
Chase & Sunborn's
Celebrated Coffees
Cor 5th & Jefferson
-Germania Wine and Beer Hall
over the
Globe Liquor Co's Store,
Third and Court Sts.
This Hall has just been opened and must be seen to be appreciated.  The only hall of this kind in the city.  Music twice a week, free to all.
-The Globe Liquor Company,
Corner South Third and Court Street,
Carry the largest assortment in the city of
Whiskies, Wines and Brandies,
Domestic and Imported.  Wholesale Agents for
Lemps' Extra Pale Beer.
Family Trade made a speciatly.
All purchases delivered free
Germani Wine and Beer Hall over this store.

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