Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Commencement Exercises 1889, A Florentine Mosaic

I can only guess that this invitation belonged to one of the Moran girls, most likely Fannie Moran.  I know she and Ida Moran attended Mrs. M.E. Clark's Select School for Young Ladies and were probably friends with the ladies mentioned in the announcement.

Commencement Exercises
of Mrs M.E. Clark's
Select School for Young Ladies,
At Watkins' Hall, Nashville, Tenn
Wednesday Evening, June 5 1889,
8 to 9:30 o'clock.

"A Florentine Mosaic,"
By the Class of 1889

Miss Mary Porter WEAKLEY, Tenn
Miss Claribel R. TURNER, Tenn.
Miss Elizabeth P. MCDANIEL, Mo.
Miss Sara H. GLASGOW, Tenn.

Conferring of Honors by the President of the 
Board of Advisers,
Dr. Charles Forster SMITH

Mary Porter Weakley was the daughter of Thomas Porter WEAKLEY and Harriet Helen MOORE.  She is related to Robert Weakley, a politician and representative in the Tennessee House of Representatives.  Weakley County Tennessee was named after him.

Without more information I am not able at this time to discover who the other ladies might have been.

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