Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grandfather Adams' Sisters

"Grandfather Adams' Sisters. This was made from a tintype picture."

This photograph was found among the papers of Virginia Shumate MORAN.  Some one had written the following notation on the inside cover: "Grandfather Adams' Sisters.  This was made from a tintype picture."

Virginia SHUMATE's grandfather was Cyrannus W. ADAMS, born Aug. 26, 1826 in Pulaski County Kentucky and died Dec. 7 1893 in Rockcastle County Kentucky.  He married Mary Elizabeth CUMMINS who was born July 15, 1843 and died Aug 6 1881 in Rockcastle County Kentucky.  For more information about Mary Elizabeth CUMMINS and her parents check out my blog post dated January 6 2012.

Cyrannus W. ADAMS
Cyrannus was the son of Absalom Adams and Cyntha A. Evans.  Cyrannus had several siblings including 3 sisters: 

James ADAMS (b. 1829 Kentucky and married Cyrena Sarah WHITAKER, I think he might've moved to Jones County Texas and died abt 1910)

George ADAMS (b. 1832 Kentucky and married Charlotte L., last found in the 1880 Census for Iona, Jewell, Kansas)

Cyntha/Syntha ADAMS (b. 1835 Kentucky and married John STARK, last found in 1880 census for Umatilla Oregon), 

William Gaines ADAMS (b. 1837 Kentucky and married to Rachel S. MCWILLIAMS, his headstone says G.W. but most everything I've seen indicates he was W.G. died 1892 in Kansas at a Confederate Veterans Rest Home.), 

Margaret A. ADAMS (b. about 1839 and married John C. BROOKS died after 1900), 

Rachel J Adams (b. 1844 and married John A. WINSTEAD, died 1921)

Here's the same photo with some adjustments made using paint.net.  We can't know exactly who these women are but because of the notation we can narrow it down to three women: 
Cyntha/Syntha ADAMS, 
Margaret A. ADAMS or 
Rachel J. ADAMS.  
They were the sisters of "grandfather ADAM's".  Based on the dates of birth I'm guessing that the girl on the right is Rachel Adams who was born in 1844.  Rachel was 5-8 years younger than her sisters.  But I could be wrong.  Such is the way of genealogy and time!

Two of three sisters of Cyrannus Adams
Cyntha, Margaret or possibly Rachel

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