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My Dear Cousins & Uncle...Aug 26 1935

I really enjoyed this letter from Martha Belle FAMULINER a lot.  She was writing to her cousins and Uncle Quincy about their recent visit.  In a way it's a sad letter because the visit was a brief one and Martha Belle had obviously planned for them to stay overnight and had pre-made as much of the dinner as she could have. She is very outspoken as to how upset she was that the visit was cut short but she recovers and goes on to talk about the farm and how they had just finished threshing wheat and barley and how she looks forward to another more lengthy visit from her relatives.

Patti Shumate TUCKER forwarded the letter on to another cousin, Virginia Shumate MORAN, and her comments show who the real culprit was in regard to the short visit, her husband Selwyn Dennis TUCKER.
Letter from Mrs. J.B. FAMULINER (Martha Belle SHUMATE)
to her cousin
Mrs. Selwyn D. TUCKER  (Patti SHUMATE )

Harrisonville Mo
August 26 1935

My Dear Cousins & Uncle,

I was glad to hear that you reached home safely and felt your trip worth while, I have wondered and still am wondering, at what time you reached the Ozarks, and if you spent the night there and found it cool.

Seldom have I been so disappointed that you didn't stay and make us a visit as I had planned so much on your doing so, and had a thousand things I wanted to talk over with you and Uncle Quincy and really get acquainted.

I didn't tell you when you were here, (the time was too short), that I had my supper all prepared, with a dressed chicken ready to fry, in the refrigerator, & I had baked 2 cakes a lovely Angel food and a Devil's food, & we had frozen a freezer of ice cream and had it packed in the basement, waiting serving.  So I would be free to visit with you.  I wished afterwards I had served you ice-cream and cake, but you were in such a hurry to go there wasn't time.

I was so stunned that you couldn't even spend the night that I had a big cry after you left and when James Jr. came back from starting the engine to pump water for the hogs and found you had come and gone he was certainly surprised and disappointed too as well as his Daddy when he came home.  In fact it took me days to get

page 2
over it, if I have yet, the disappointment was so great.

We have had it much cooler the past week, and is cool and raining this morning so the dust is all settled now.

We have been busy with our threshing, Friday and Saturday.  We threshed our wheat, oats, & barley.  If you never lived on a farm, perhaps you don't know what it is like.  We had 23 for dinner each day, I had the girl that you saw here and her sister to help me and we got along fine, but our grain didn't turn out very well.  We had too much rain in the spring and too dry since, besides the army worms ate the heads off the wheat and barley so badly.

I wish you were here today; I am sitting on the front porch writing this on my lap and watching the gentle rain come down.  It feels so delightfully cool and refreshing.

When you come out again, I hope you can come the last week in Aug. or in May.  It is most always cool then, and much more enjoyable to visit.

I hope you and Uncle Quincy will write to me often, I will enjoy hearing from you both and do take good care of yourselves and cousin Selwyn's health.  Hope he gets over the arthritis, it is so miserable.  I want so much for he & my husband to meet, think they would enjoy each other.

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Uncle Quincy looked so much like Papa I loved him the moment I saw him.  Here's hoping we all meet again before too long and have a real visit.  I must close with lots of love to all, I remain
Sincerely, Your Cousin

P.S. Charles Jr's. Grandparents came, shortly after you all left that Friday afternoon and took him back to K.C. with them.  We miss him.   M.B.F.

This part is written in pencil and was added by Patti Shumate Tucker (Mrs. Selwyn Dennis Tucker), the recipient of the letter.  Patti was forwarding the letter on to her cousin Virginia Shumate Moran.

Sat. P.M.
Dear Va, Been so busy cleaning out things preparatory to Fall cleaning past week, haven't written, but am sending this recent letter, which made me feel more than ever that husbands really do mess things up sometimes.  Dad & I were so anxious to spend at least a night in Cuz. MB's home, but my restless husband just wouldn't.  Guess he tho't he'd done his part in bringing us by for our little ghost of a visit, for which was really thankful.  The days past week have been so perfect & the nights good for sound sleep, which have enjoyed, since couldn't sleep in the Rockies.  Too high for my nerves. S. going to a stag picnic this P.M. so a lonesome Sat. & have to cook dinner since T. gone home. Lots love
Devotedly Sittie (Sittie was Patti's nickname)

The FAMULINER and MORAN Connection comes through the SHUMATE line:

The author of this letter is Martha Belle SHUMATE (wife of James Buford FAMULINER), the daughter of Jason Champ SHUMATE and Jennie LACKEY. Martha, or MB,  is writing to her cousin Patti (Sittie) SHUMATE (wife of Selwyn Dennis TUCKER) and Patti's father, John Quincy SHUMATE.  Quincy's wife Louise Elizabeth McLean passed away in 1930.  Patti forwarded the letter to another cousin, Virginia SHUMATE (wife of James Henderson MORAN III), the daughter of Nathan McClary SHUMATE and Margaret Jane ADAMS.

Champ SHUMATE and Martha Jane MCCLARY were the parents and grandparents of the Shumates listed above.

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