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Virginia Lee Garrett Koehler

Update November 9, 2012 - I have identified the wedding picture for the Garrett-Koehler wedding of  1924.  It can be viewed here.

Virginia Lee GARRETT was the daughter of Finis James GARRETT and Elizabeth Harris BURNS making her a cousin of the Moran's.  Virginia married Benjamin Gund KOEHLER of Nebraska on June 5, 1924 in her hometown of Dresden Tennessee.

Miss Garrett Becomes Bride of Mr. Koehler
A wedding of interest throughout Tennessee and in Washington, D.C., was that of Miss Virginia Lee Garrett, daughter of Representative and Mrs. Finis James Garrett of Dresden, Tenn., to Mr. Ben G. Koehler, of Lincoln, Neb., solemnized yesterday evening at 6 o'clock at the Methodist Episcopal Church at Dresden, with Rev. S. L. JEWELL officiating in the presence of an auspicious assembly.

The handsome new church was artistically decorated with mammoth white chrysanthemums, palms and ferns.  Rows of cathedral candelabra in which gleamed white tapers added a final touch to the impressive scene.

Preceding the entrance of the bridal party a programme of nuptial music was rendered with miss Gerster NEAL of Dyersburg, Tenn., presiding at the organ, Mrs. L.E. HOLLADAY, of Dresden, sang "My Dear," Mrs. James C. BURNS, of McKenzie sang "The Sweetest Story Ever Told," and Mmes. Jas. C. BURNS and Turner C. CANNON sang "Until."  Lohengrin's processional announced the entrance of the bridal group.  For the recessional Mendelssohn's "Wedding March" was used.

The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, was beautiful in her wedding gown of white satin made basque waist, bouffant skirt with trimmings of Princess lace and veil of lace falling in graceful folds full length of her court train.  She carried a shower bouquet of Bride's roses and valley lilies.

Miss Reba DOUGHTON, of Laurel Springs, N.C. who served as maid of honor, wore a beautiful model of gold lace over cloth of gold and carried an arm bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums.

Mrs. Irvin A. CLEMENT, of Memphis, attended the bride as matron of honor, wearing a gown of yellow chiffon in straight line model caught at the sides with clusters of handmade French flowers.

The bridesmaids, Misses Elise and Rozelle MAYO and Eleanor McCUAN, wore charming frocks of yellow chiffon trimmed in ostrich and carried arm bouquets of giant yellow chrysanthemums.

Master Edwin REGINALD and Miss Cara COSTEN opened for the lovely bride the bridal gates, followed by by Misses Katherine COSTEN and Mary Lee REGINALD, bearing the pillows for prayer.  master Nathan Harrell MORAN followed, bearing the wedding ring in the heart of a rose.  The little flower girl, Carolyn CANNON, daintily dressed in a frock of yellow chiffon, with gold trimmings, scattered rose petals from a basket of gold in the path of the bride.

Mr. KOEHLER had as his best man, his brother, Mr. John KOEHLER, of Geneva, Neb. Groomsmen were Messrs. B.P. MOORE, Jr., of Memphis, Burns GARRETT, brother of the bride, John JETER, of Dresden, and James C. BURNS, of McKenzie.

Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents where members of the bridal party assisted Representative and Mrs. Garrett in receiving the guests.

Mr. and Mrs. Koehler left for an extensive bridal trip including visits to Chicago, Omaha and Lincoln, Neb., after which they will be at home to their friends at Cottage Grove, Ore.

The out-of-town guests included:  Mrs. Bartholda KOEHLER and Mr. John KOEHLER, of Geneva, Neb.: Miss Reba DOUGHTON, of Laurel Springs, N.C.; Mr. and Mrs. Irvin A CLEMENT, of Memphis, Mrs. Duke C. BOWERS and Mrs. Georgie WILLIAMSON, of Memphis; Mrs. James J. MILLER, Union City, Tenn.; Mrs. Frank HALL, Nashville, Tenn; Mr. and Mrs. Frank BURNS, of Columbus, Ohio; Mrs. Sherman PYLE, Ardmore Okla; Miss Gerster NEAL, Dyersburg, Tenn.; Mrs. Charlie COBB (Marion MORAN) Union City Tenn; Mr. and Mrs. James T. BURNS, of McKenzie, grandparents of the bride; Mr. and Mrs. Turner C. CANNON, of McKenzie and a large number of relatives and friends from Martin, McKenzie and Greenfield, Tenn.

I also came across this letter she sent to the Moran family on June 21, 1968, after learning of the death of her cousin, James Henderson Moran III.

21 June

Dear MORAN Family

I feel frustrated as I have not been able to reach you by phone-----and kept thinking I could!  So have not written either.  Please forgive, but where is everyone? I have called Dresden, Kansas City, Kingsport and Pittsford, at various intervals and no answers.

Of course I did not know of Jim's death for a couple of weeks.  ? had seen it in the papers and relayed to me.

At any rate I have been thinking of all of you.  The inevitable catches up with all of us eventually but as long as friends and children of Jim's are left on this earth

he will be remembered with joy.  Certainly all of you have meant a great deal to me through the years and I do send love and sympathy to each of the dear Morans.


Virginia Garrett Koehler had called Dresden because that's where Virginia Shumate Moran, Jim's widow, was living.  Kansas City is where Nathan H. Moran and his family were living. Nathan was the middle child of Virginia and Jim and was also the ringbearer at Virginia and Ben's wedding.  Kingsport is where James H. Moran the IV was living with his family.  He was the eldest child.  And the youngest child and only daughter Louise Moran was living in Pittsford with her husband Robert Wrisley Atkins.

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