Friday, November 16, 2012

Fairies - A Poem by Cornelia Ferguson ca 1944

Fairies by Cornelia Ferguson
ca. 1944
Under my window is a flower Bed
Made of roses bright and red.
Over the wall with the greatest of ease
Floats a carriage drawn by bees.
As I look down I see them there-
Two little fairies, stars in their hair,
Then a gust of wind comes by
And carries them back into the sky.

Cornelia Ferguson, Grade 6
Main St. School - P. Washington

I think its kinda cute--

Sophia Irvine Ferguson and her sons: Harry M,
Forrest, and Albert Granville
Cornelia "Connie" Ferguson is the daughter of Harry Maxwell FERGUSON and Helen Josephine BOZEMAN.   Harry is the son of Charles Augustus FERGUSON and Sophia A. IRVINE.

Sophia Irvine's parents were B.D. IRVINE and Agnes Marion MORAN.  Agnes was the sister of John Williamson MORAN, the builder of MORAN Place.

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