Wednesday, November 28, 2012

J.W. Moran's Wallet 1904

What I know about the wallet, the calling card and the photo:

1.  This wallet belonged to J.W. Moran because his name and the date January 15 1904 are written inside.

2.  It came from Latham, Alexander & Co. Bankers on 10 & 18 Wall St. New York.  It's printed on the inside cover as you can see above.  You can also see where a critter started nibbling on the wallet.

3.  The Calling Card belonged to Mrs. Elmer Clinton Sharp.  It says "Mrs. Elmer Clinton Sharp" and written in pencil is "Mr. &, son & daughter in law of Sam Sharp Corinth Miss".  That same critter took a few bites out of the calling card as well.

4.  On the back of the card is pencilled "Have to leave on 2:30 C & O Train, E.C. Sharp"

5. The only other item included is this picture of a man that was taken in Nashville Tenn.  The photographer's information is on the back of the photo but there is water damage so I don't know who the photographer was, only that it was in Nashville.

In a perfect researcher's world it would be wonderful to say that the man is obviously Elmer Clinton Sharp since his card was found with the photograph in the wallet.  Unfortunately a lot of time has passed and there's no way for us to know if the card and photo go together or if someone down the years just placed them inside the wallet and trundled them to the attic with most of the other items we have.  

It does seem that the Sharp family was special to J.W. Moran because he had a picture of Major Samuel Sharp (Elmer's father) and a picture of  Ida May Sharp (Elmer's daughter).     Major Sam Sharp was also a comrade in arms of the Civil War.  Another interesting item, at least to me, is that one of Sam's grandsons was named Carl Moran Sharp.  Coincidence?  

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