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1901 Tennessee Club Banquet Gleason TN

James H. Moran III
James H. Moran, of Dresden TN, was a member of the Tennessee Club of the University of Virginia. On this evening he was one of the speakers at the  banquet held at the Hotel Gleason, Gleason Tennessee on Tuesday, March 26th, 1901.  We found a program for the banquet among the papers at Moran Place.  In addition, there was a photograph of a woman inside the program.  She doesn't appear to be one of the Moran women.  Perhaps she was Jim's date for the evening?  What we do know is that the photograph was taken inside of the Moran home in Dresden.

Taken inside Moran Place, Dresden TN.
Unknown woman.

Tennessee Club Banquet
University of Virginia

Hotel Gleason

March 26th

Lynndhavens on Half-Shell
Consomme Printamir Royal
Broiled King Pompans, Maitre d' Hotel
Pommes Saratoga
Virginia Sherry
Olives Chow-Chow, Pickles, India Relish
Celery,  Dressed Lettuce
Salted Almonds, Deviled Crabs
Ribs of Prime Beef
Sweet Catawba
Cold Ham
Blue Ridge Turkey, Cranberry Sauce
Virginia Port
Chicken Salad, Saratoga Chips
Peach Ice Cream
Tennessee Punch
Fruit Cake, Macaroons
Chocolate Cake, Lady Fingers
Assorted Fancy Cakes
Bon Bons
Figs, Dates, Chrystalized Ginger
Mixed Nuts, Raisins
Banquet Cakes, Toasted Crackers
Pineapple, Royal Luncheon
and American Cheese
Champagne Waifers, Cafe Nor
Cigars, Cigarettes

The Volunteer....Mr. Bradley Walker
"It is a goodly sight to see
What Heaven hath done for this delicious land." C.H.

The Old Folks at Home....Mr. James H. Moran
"While I play the good husband at home,
my son and my servant spend all at the University."

Tennesseans Abroad....Mr. Wm. R. Harrison
"When I was at home, I was in a better place; but travelers must be content."

The Boys....Mr. Charles M. Bryan
"Young fellows will be young fellows."

To the Girl I love in Sunny Tennessee....Mr. Fletcher Jordan
"Heart on her lips and soul within her eyes,
Soft as her clime and sunny as her skies."

Walker, Pres,
  Martin, Sec. and Treas.
    Bockman, Toastmaster,
        Moran, Committee

L. Ronalson,
   M. Ronalson,


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