Monday, December 24, 2012

Spirit of 1929, Dresden Tennessee

This is a class picture from 1929, Dresden Tennessee.   This is probably the first grade class because Marion Louise Moran was just 6 years old when this picture was taken.  The annotation on the back does not include names of all the children but I'll post the names that we have.

Front row:  Billy Stokes, Charlie Taylor, Carrol Adkin/Akin, Billy Mangum

Second row: Louise Eaves, Mary Sue Baldridge, Mary King Webb, Modeni Puckett, Mary Evelyn Yates, Mary Nelle Garner, Annie Bell Lainey

Third row:  Virginia Brooks, Mavis Nelli Eaves, Mildred Eaton, Dan Smith, Eleanor Estes, Eugene Allen, Telma Terrell, Ida Ruth Moore and Wayne Travis

Fourth row: James Thomas, Louise Moran, James Wharton, Mary Jones

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