Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Reticule past and present

Vintage items for the lady.
This sweet little reticule belonged to one of the Moran ladies as did the glove, the marcasite arrow pin and the hairpin on the far left..  There's something about the delicate purse and other items that makes me believe that they were the property of Sophia Riley Gunn Moran.

I was struck by the resemblance of the Moran purse and the one which is currently for sale on Amazon and is billed as an "antique beaded handbag."  Surely they should say it's "in the style of" or is a remake of an antique handbag?
Sophia Riley Gunn Moran

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dresden TN Senior Class of 1931

Stress Effort and Efficiency and Make Our way Easy

Top Row left to right:
Theresa BODEN, Snooks SMITH, Maggie Lee REAGAN, Bernard JOLLEY, Sarah FULLTON, William T. MAYO, Ruby BOWLIN, Warren HEARN, Ruby MOORE

Second row from top, left to right.
Bernice DEASON, Opal WINSTEAD, James MORAN, Carolyn HILLIARD, James ROSS, Louise JOHNSON

Third row from top, left to right.

Fourth row from top, left to right.
Clyde W. STRAWBRIDGE,  Mary Tenney JETER (President),  Ruth NANNEY,  R.C. MURRAY (Principal), FLora Lee ARGO, Carolyn KILLEBREW, Jim STREWBRIDGE

Bottom row, left to right.
E.L. THURSTON (Coach), Miss Nell Moore (Language),  Miss Fay LEWIS,  Miss Ruth JETER

Boy in the goat cart

We don't know who the boy is but the goat cart must have been popular because we have a photo somewhere around with a girl in the goat cart!