Friday, April 27, 2012

Ivy...nature's decoration

The beautiful ivy on the wall did not come from a craft or decorating store.  When left unchecked the outdoors will find a way inside.  This is from the upstairs boys room of Moran Place.  Also, that is not a border at the top of the picture. That molding went all the way around in every room of the home and was used to hang pictures and mirrors.  A much better system instead of poking holes in walls.  Unfortunately it calls for extremely high ceilings but that was no problem in this Victorian Gingerbread home.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Monday, April 23, 2012

Charles Robert Morehead and Lemira Morris

Charles Robert Morehead Jr
Charles Robert Morehead Jr was the son of Charles R. Morehead Sr and Fanny Warder of Virginia and the grandson of Turner Morehead, a Revolutionary War Patriot.  He is our first cousin three times removed!  Charles was born in 1836 in Missouri. He married a distant cousin Lemire, sometimes seen as Lemira, Morris in 1859.   Lemire Morris' family was related to a financier of the American Revolution, William Morris. On a side note one of the Moran girls was named after her Morehead relatives, Fannie Lemira Moran.

Charles Morehead was many things.  He was a businessman in Leavenworth and the mayor from 1868-1869. He worked for a freight company that supplied Army posts as an assistant wagon master.   He was at a meeting in 1858 with President Buchanan and others to discuss the proposed Pony Express and he was on the planning commission as well.  He was a banker, pioneer and the mayor of El Paso Texas from 1903-1905.  In addition he was a 33rd degree Mason and a Knight Templar.  Charles Robert Morehead Jr was an architect of the West and an El Paso pioneer and civic leader.

Lemire Morris Morehead

In family life, Charles and Lemire had three children: Ida Morehead (1859-1898), Fanny Morehead (1863-1865), and William Morris Morehead (1865-1865). Their daughter Ida married Byrd Nebeker and lived in Los Angeles.  She and Byrd had four children.

Ida Morehead
Lemire died in 1910 in Los Angeles.  After the death of Lemire, Charles married Mary Gates, a local El Paso school teacher.  Charles died in 1921 in El Paso.

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