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Sophia Riley Gunn Moran
June 8, 1853 -
Oct 7, 1895

This tribute to Sophia Riley Gunn Moran was written by Mary V. Duval a few weeks after the death of Mrs. Moran.  Mary Duval was an educator and was working in Clarksville TN at the time she wrote this tribute for her friend Fannie Moran.  I believe she may be the same Mary Virginia Duval who wrote several articles and books regarding the south and the state of Mississippi.  We have other letters from her and she always signs as "Miss Duval" which leads me to believe that Fannie might have been her student at one time.  She is listed in the Nashville City Directory for 1895 as well as the Clarksville Tn Directory.  Her occupation is "teacher" at "The Academy".

A Tribute to the Studying Memory of Mrs. J.W. Moran, who died October 7, 1895.
Dedicated lovingly to her daughters, Fannie and Ida.
"Year after year with glad content
In and out of her house she went.
In and out.
Ever for others the skies were clear
Her dear heart carried such loving cheer
Banishing gloom and doubt."

There are some natures so pure and faultless, some lives so beautifully rounded in their perfect proportions that we thank God that he gave them to the world though all too soon he claimed them again as his own.

Such was the beautiful life of the wife of and mother whom Death has so recently torn away from the home of which she was the pride and joy.  In all the sweet and tender relationships of life, wife, mother,, sister, neighbor, friend and counselor, she was the ideal Christian woman, the "perfect woman nobly planned."

Beautiful in person and character, loving and tender in disposition, how is it possible to paint her life as it really was?  And yet it is engraved in letters of living light, not only on the hearts of those who knew and loved her here, but in the Lamb's Book of Life above.  Can there be any consolation left ofr those who, having had the light of her presence here so long, must now grope in darkness without it.  Yes'

"Although oft depressed and lonely,
All our fears are laid aside
If we but remember only
Such as these have lived and died."

Even for his, the greatest of all sorrows, the loss of a mother's love and counsel, there is a recompense.  God doth not willingly afflict any of His children, and for every wound they receive there is a balm provided.

The light of this beautiful life is not quenched, though it seems to have gone down in its noonday splendor.  It will shine on through all the years to come, a beacon-light to guide her loved ones home.  Earth, had she been shpared to them, might have been more attractive than Heaven, but Heaven now with Mother and the Saviour beckoning on will prove the happy meeting-place of a re-united family.

Mary V. Duval
Clarksville Tenn
Oct 25, 1895

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Valda Carline Boyd and James A. Evans

Todays newspaper clippings are about the 50th wedding anniversary of Valda Carline Boyd and James A. Evans.  Valda's parents were George Scott Boyd and Martha "Mattie" Rogers.  Valda's sister was Marguerite Boyd and her brother was Eugene P. Boyd.  George had worked as a cashier in the Dresden Bank which was owned by the Moran family.  When the depression hit there was a run on the Dresden Bank.  No longer employed he moved his family to east Tennessee and began working for the Eastman Company along with his son-in-law Herbert G. Stone.

The events took place November 11 1958.

Mr. and Mrs. H.G. STONE of Kingsport, Tenn., entertained Dr. and Mrs. James A. EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. EVANS, Jr, of New Orleans, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. PITCAIRN, also Mr and Mrs. E.P. BOYD of Memphis, Tenn, at a dinner party on Thursday night at the Buena Vista Motel dining room.  Mrs. STONE is a sister of Mrs. EVANS; she and Mr. STONE were here for the EVANS' golden wedding anniversary celebration.
Mr. and Mrs. E.P. BOYD of Memphis, Tenn., entertained Dr. and Mrs. J.A. EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. EVANS, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W.R. PITCAIRN, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. STONE at a dinner party on Friday night, at the Friendship House. Mr. BOYD is a brother of Mrs. EVANS, and he and Mrs. BOYD were here to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. EVANS.

H.G. STONE is Herbert Given STONE.  He married Valda Carline Boyd's sister, Josephine Marguerite BOYD.  
Mr. J.A. EVANS JR, is the son of Valda and James EVANS.  He married Mary K. PATRICK.
W.R. PITCAIRN is William Ross PITCAIRN Jr.  He married Alice V. EVANS, the daughter of Valda and James EVANS.
E.P. BOYD is Eugene P. BOYD. He is Valda Carline BOYD's brother.  At this time I don't know who he married.

Our of town guests for the Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration of Dr. and Mrs. James A. EVANS were:
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. GABLE and Dr. and Mrs. Gerald P. GABLE, Hattiesburg, Miss.;
Mr. and Mrs. I.C. DIMMICK, Mrs. W.B. THOMPSON and Mrs. T.C. MOODY, Lake Charles, La.;
Mr. and Mrs. E.P. BOYD, Memphis, Tenn.; Mr. and Mrs. H.G. STONE and Mr. and Mrs. Flem DOBYNS, Kingsport, Tennl;
Mrs. A.A. HRUSCHKA, Alice and Albert HRUSCHKA of Goose Bya, Labrador;
Mr. and Mrs. W.L. COATS, MR. John P. COATS, Miss Robyn WILLIAMS, Fort Pierce, Fla.;
Dr. and Mrs. S.L. HOLLINGSWORTH and MR. James HOLLINGSWORTH, Columbus, Miss.;
Mrs. Fred PREU, Washington;
Rev. and Mrs. Chas. SCHULTZ, Eula Margaret and Herbert SCHULTZ, Lucedale, Miss.;
Mrs. W.E. SAMPSON, Mrs and Mrs. S. H. Dunlap, Mr. W. Dunlap JOHNSON, Houston, Texas;
Mrs. Chas. RATCLIFFE, of Mobile, Ala.;
The Rev. and Mrs. C.C. CLARK, Jackson, Miss.;
Mrs. E.A. ALLEN, Mr. Howard LETISSIER, and Mrs. Rosalind COOPER, Pass Christian;
Mrs. Chas. S. Gainer BRYAN, Texas; 
Mrs. Charles s. PIPKIN, Beaumont, Texas; 
Mrs. Tom FORD, Columbia, Miss.; 
From New Orleans, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. EVANS, Mr. and Mrs. Troy HARKEY, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Sadler, Mr. and Mrs. J.A. EVANS Jr. and children Tom and Cathy; Mr. and Mrs. Rufus WEBB, Mrs. Alma GALLE, Mr. and Mrs Rudolph VORBUSCH, Mrs Lester F. ALEXANDER, Mrs. Paul George LACROIX, and Mr and Mrs. W.H. RUSSELL.

Dr. and Mrs. Evans Observe 50th Wedding Anniversary
Dr. and Mrs. James A. EVANS celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Tuesday, November 11, at their home on 610 North Beach Boulevard.

Dr. Evans and the former Valda Carline Boyd were married in the Methodist Church in Dresden, Tennessee, November 11, 1908.

They have one daughter, Mrs. W.R. Pitcairn, of Bay St. Louis and a son James A. Evans, Jr. of New Orleans and four grand children.

Dr. Evans came to Bay S. Louis in 1905 upon completion of his dental studies at Tulane University, New Orleans, and Mrs. Evans came as his bride in 1908.

The honorees received their guests in the reception hall of their home, where they stood in front of a large French mirror and heirloom in the Evans family.  A table fronting the mirror held a tall arrangement of large yellow mums flanked on either side by brass candelabra holding lighted yellow tapers.

Receiving with Dr. and Mrs. Evans were their daughter and Mr. Pitcairn, their son and Mrs. Evans, Jr., Mrs. Evans brother.....continued on Page Seven

Unfortunately we are missing page seven.

Mr. and Mrs. James Moran Guests of Mrs. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. James Moran of Dresden Tenn. arrived in Gainesville Friday for a short visit with Mrs. Annie I. (Irvine) Scott, 326 South Denton street.

Mr and Mrs. Moran have been guests of their son, Harold Scott, in Oklahoma City, for several days.  From here they will go to Fort Worth to visit other relatives.

Mr. Moran is a nephew of the later Mrs. R.F. Scott of Gainesville, whose maiden name was Moran.  The Moran and Scott families' originial home is in Dresden, from which place Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Scott came to Gainesville in 1858, a year after their marriage in Tennessee.

James Moran is retired from active business.

We aren't sure who Harold Scott of Oklahoma City was.  The Moran's did not have a son named Harold.  I thought it might've been Annie Scott's son but at this time we haven't found any record of her having a son.  She and her ex-husband Oscar Scott had two girls: Orlean and Mary Irvine Scott

I am Requested by the Court

This letter to Fannie Moran comes from Aaron Davidson Bright.  A.D. Bright was an Associate Justice on the Tennessee Supreme Court for 1894.  He was born in Hinds County Mississippi on Aug. 10, 1838 and died in Brownsville Tennessee Sept 11, 1898.

State of Tennessee
Judicial Department
Supreme Court
Jackson, June 11, 1894

D.L. Snodgrass, Chief Justice
Associate Justices:
W.C. Caldwell
John S. Wilkes
W.K. McAlister
A.D. Bright

Miss Moran

I am requested by the Court to invite you and the young ladies who with yourself honored the Court with a visit a few days since, to visit the Supreme Court at 9 o'clock a.m. today to witness the closing and final adjournment of the Supreme Court.

Hoping you young ladies will honor us with your presence.

I have the honor to be, and remain your Obt. Srvt.
A.D. Bright