Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meramec Highlands 1899

Meramec Highlands was a popular resort on the Meramec River in Missouri at the turn of the century.  This photograph is dated Sept. 1899 and has the names of Wellford, Blanch and Lucille on the back.  The sentiment "May you never forget us" is also written on the back.  Sadly, without a last name to go by we have no way of knowing who these three children belong too!

Brud and the McElwrath's about 1913

I'm dating this picture about 1913 or so based on the information I have regarding the McElwrath family.  On the back of the photograph Brud has written the names of the people in the picture:

Nell McKruger - I may be a bit off on the spelling of the last name but that's what it looks like.  I wish I had more information on her but that's all I know.

Harrell Moran (Known as Brud)  He's the one wearing the bowtie.

Linda McElwrath - She's the girl with the blond curls and was born in 1901. Her parents were Tom and Mollie McElwrath.

T.A. McElwrath - That's Thomas Allen McElwrath.  He was born about 1858 in Tennessee and owned a dry goods store in Dresden, Tennessee.  He retired from the business about 1906 and stayed in Dresden with his family for a few more years before moving to Mayfield, Kentucky.

M.B. McElwrath - She was Mollie Brooks and was Tom McElwrath's second wife.  They had three children: Linda, George and Brooks.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Virginia Lee Garrett and Benjamin Gund Koehler, 1924

Back in October I blogged about the wedding of Virginia Lee Garrett and Benjamin Gund Koehler.  The Garrett's are cousins of the Moran's as I mentioned previously.  However, tonight I was going through photographs again and because of that previous post I was now able to correctly identify a wedding picture that we found at Moran House.

This photograph is from the wedding of Virginia Garrett and Benjamin Koehler, June 5 1924.  The wedding was held at the Dresden Tennessee Methodist Episcopal Church.  Rev. S. L. JEWELL officiated and is seen standing behind the bridal couple.  The little boy to the left dressed in white is the ring bearer and my father-in-law, Nathan Harrell Moran.  For more information regarding the wedding, what the bride wore, who attended be sure and read the entry previous entry from Oct 11, 2012.