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1848 Odd Fellow of the Day William H. Jenkins

Today we are remembering William H. Jenkins, entry number 3 in the 1848 Ledger Book for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Washington Lodge #5.

The first entry is dated January 1, 1848 and includes payments for quarterage and the Orphans Fund.  The final entry is dated July 1, 1854.  It looks like in January 1851 he incurred some Lodge fine and something called "Encampment".

At the bottom of the entries it says:
"Expelled for Intoxication" and is not dated but I would assume it occurred sometime in 1854 since that's the last time he paid into the Lodge and Orphans Fund.

Expelled for Intoxication

In the 1870 Census, District 7, of Weakley County there is a W.H. Jenkins, age 56 and a physician, living with Mary Jenkins, age 35, and Vandela Jenkins, age 9 months. It says all of them were born in Tennessee.

If you know this William H. Jenkins drop me a note.  Maybe we can fill in more about him and bring his story back to life.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Grand Victorian, ca 1905

If you think Moran Place is beautiful then this Victorian will knock your socks off.  We think it was the original home of Ida Moran and William G. Timberlake and was probably one of George Barber's Victorian designs.  I had actually come across a smaller not nearly as clear photo of this home with a woman standing on the porch.  Where the other picture was small and grainy, this picture is just perfect.  If you look closely you can see that it was actually snowing the day the photographer snapped this image.  I would love to have seen this home decorated at Christmas.

Kent remembers stories of the Timberlakes having a Victorian home in Madison County Tennessee.  Later, they moved into Jackson and lived at 399 Highland which is still there today and is home to a design firm.  We think the home in Jackson might also be a George Barber design.  The photo's of the interior of the home on Highland are just amazing.  They have a ghostly feel to them and just looking at the grand piano I can almost imagine Teatot (Ida's nickname) playing a waltz.

Kinchen Killebrew and a Cast of Many

We found genealogical information regarding the KILLEBREW's.  Giving the information a quick look I can see a few connections between the KILLEBREW's and the MORAN family.     HENDERSON, KENNEDY, IRVINE, HART and BONDURANT are surnames that appear as leaves on the MORAN family tree. There are probably others that I'm not aware of.

I also noticed that James KILLEBREW married Nancy FRIZELL.  In the 1848 Ledger Book of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Dresden Tennessee there is a Thomas B. FRIZELL listed in the entry section below William LANDRUM's information. Are Nancy and Thomas related?

Please remember the following information was not compiled by us.  Take the information with a grain of salt and if you incorporate it into your own genealogy, you will probably want to verify it's accuracy.

Revolutionary Soldier
Wife's Name: Unknown

Children of Kinchen KILLEBREW:

Nancy KILLEBREW (1787-1867)
m: 1804
Sampson KENNEDY (1780(?)-1845)

Lydia KILLEBREW (1777(?)-1823)
m: date unknown
Nelson KENNEDY (1775 (?) - 1843)

James KILLEBREW (1779 (?) - ?)
m: date unknown
Nancy FRIZELL (1781-?)

There were probably other children but names are unknown.
Children of Sampson KENNEDY and Nancy KILLEBREW:
1.  Killebrew m: Name unkown
2. Susan m: William PENTECOST
3. Matilda m: Silas MOORE
4. Nelson m: Laura Jane SIMMONS
5. Mahala m: George COLLEY
6. Nancy m: Wilson LEWIS
7. Calvin m: Nancy Jane KILLEBREW
8. Angeline m: William RIDGEWAY

1. Children of Killebrew KENNEDY (1805-1860)
  Ellen b: 1832
  Milly b: 1834
  Elizabeth b: 1837
  John b: 1844
  Thomas b: 1856
  Rolf b: 1858

2. Children of Susan Kennedy PENTECOST b: 1808
  Jefferson b: 1826
  Nancy b: 1828
  Montreville b: 1833
  John b: 1830
  Calvin b: 1837
  Andrew b: 1845
  Thomas b: 1847
  Sampson b: 1850

3.  Children of Matilda Kennedy MOORE b: 1815
   James Franklin
   Calvin Simpson b: 1837 d: 1901
Matilda died and Silas MOORE m: Widow Lamb (nee: Saphronie BROGDON
      John Bunyan
      Matilda Ann

Page 2:
4.  Children of Nelson KENNEDY b: 1817 d: 1900
   Sarah Ann (1841-1918)  m: Churchill BONDURANT
   Mary Jane (1843-1869) m. Washington BROWNING
   Louisa Paradine (1845-1908)
   James Riley (1848-1863)
   Susan Caroline (1850-1855)
   Nancy Elizabeth (1853-1915) m: Dr. James J. SHELL
   Thomas Jefferson (1856-1862)
   Green Harris (1858-1925) m: Samantha HEDGE
   John Calvin (1861-1940) m: (Mary Elizabeth PARRISH and Ella Savannah IRVINE
   Martha NELSON (1863-1945) m: Sterling Reece HART

5.  Children of Mahala Kennedy COLLEY b: 1820
     Martha b: 1835
     Mary b: 1839
     George b: 1846

6.  Children of Nancy Kennedy LEWIS b: 1827
   John D. b: 1849
   Judy  b: 1850
   Rufus b: 1853
   Sally A. b: 1853
   Martha J. b: 1855
   Lee O. b: 1857
   Crawford V. b: 1858
   Susan E. b: 1862
   William Q b: 1867

7.  Children of Calvin KENNEDY b: 1824
  Martha Ann b: 1848 died young
  John Wesley b: 1850 d: 1853
  Samantha Jane b: 1853 m: James SPEIGHT
  N. Emmaline b: 1855 never married
  William Porter b: 1858 d: 1862
  Susan Mary Matilda b: 1860 m: Frank AUSTIN
  Clinton A. b: 1863 d: 1878
  George Thomas b: 1867 m: Martha Jane BRITE
  John Calvin b: 1870 m: Mary Belle KILLEBREW

8.  Children of Angeline Kennedy RIDGEWAY b. 1830
   John A. b: 1848
   James b: 1849
   Leander b: 1851
   Samantha b: 1852
   Thomas b: 1853
   Pinckney b: 1855
   Rebecca b: 1856
   Mary E. b: 1859

If anyone has further knowledge of the names listed above, I will appreciate any information you may be able to furnish.  Many of the dates appearing here were taken from the Census Records.  Only Bible Records show date of marriage or date of death.

Page 3
Nancy FRIZELL b: 1781

(James KILLEBREW was the son of Kinchen KILLEBREW, Sr., a Revolutionary soldier.  His two sisters were Lydia, who married Nelson KENNEDY, and Nancy who married Sampson KENNEDY.  It is thought that he had a brother, Kinchen, Jr.  There were probably other brothers and sisters, but I do not know who they were.  One of the early settlers in Weakley County was Thomas KILLEBREW with a family.  This Thomas KILLEBREW is not to be confused with the one listed below.  I believe that the early Thomas with a family a son of Kinchen, Sr., and a brother of James.  The one listed below was a son of James and was in his very early teens when he came to Weakley County with his uncles and aunts -- Sampson and Nancy Killebrew KENNEDY, and Nelson and Lydia Killebrew KENNEDY.

Children of James and Nancy Frizell KILLEBREW:
1.  Thomas m:  (a) Louisa COLLEY
                        (b) Wilmoth Ann BUCKLEY
                                                                                    (c) Martha Ann   HENDERSON

2.  Kinchen m:  (a) Louisa BUCKLEY
                        (b) Mrs. William Pentecost nee: Susan KENNEDY

3.  J. Dawson m: Mary Jane HENDERSON
    (There were said to be four other children of James and Nancy.  All daughters.  Two married and lived in Kentucky and the other two married and went to Texas.)

1. Children of Thomas and Louisa COLLEY:
  Thomas b: 1809
  (a) Eliza Caroline b: 1832
        Sara Elizabeth b: 1835

   Children of Thomas and Wilmoth Ann BUCKLEY:
  (b) James F. b: 1836
        William Marion b: 1837
        Thomas LeRoy b: 1839
        Elias C. b: 1841
        Andrew Jackson b: 1843
        G.D.  b: 1844

   Children of Thomas and Martha Ann HENDERSON
  (c)  Rufus Pinckney b: 1851
        George Washington b: 1852
         Leah A. Belle b: 1853
         John Henderson b: 1855
         D.T. b: 1858
         Robert Lee b: 1860
         Nancy Virginia b: 1865
         Susan Mary b: 1868
2.  Children of Kinchen and Louisa BUCKLEY:
     Kinchen b: 1812
      Francis Marion b: 1836
      Mary Ann Elizabeth b: 1840
      John M. b: 1841
     James K.  b: 1843
     Melzatan Wilmoth b: 1845
     William Worth (bee) b: 1847

3.  Children of J.Dawson and Mary Jane HENDERSON
     Dawson b: 1820
     Alonzo b: 1845
     Westwood b: 1847
     Martha Jane b: 1849

Page 4
Children and known descendents of:

(Do not confuse this Nelson KENNEDY with my grandfather, Nelson KENNEDY.  My grandfather was the nephew.  Lydia KILLEBREW was a sister of Nancy KILLEBREW, mother of my grandfather Nelson.  Lydia died on the way to Tennessee and was buried by the side of the Old Wilderness Road.  Hope HART).

Nelson KENNEDY (1775-1843)
Lydia KILLEBREW (1776 -1823)

1.  Rebecca m: Obediah SIZEMORE
2. Mila m: James CARTER (or, RHODES)
3. Brazell m: Lucy SIZEMORE
4. Sarah m: George W. COLLEY
5. Elizabeth m: Ethelred WOOLF
6.  Isaac m: Mary (Polly) FIELDS

    1.  Rebecca b: 1812 in S.C.
                       m: 1831
                            Obediah SIZEMORE b: 1810 in Va.
          (Have no record of their children)

    2.  Have no record of Mila.
    3.  Children of Brazell KENNEDY: (he was b: 1810 S.C.)
          Nelson b: 1836
          James b: 1838
          John b: 1839
          Obediah b: 1840
          Isaac b: 1842
          Reuben Ross b: 1844
          Elizabeth b: 1847
          Franklin b: 1849
          Lydia Jane b: 1851
          Wilson b: 1855

   4.  No record of Sarah's children
   5.  No record of Elizabeth's children

   6.  Children of Isaac KENNEDY:
         Angeline b: 1837
                       m: Calvin Simpson MOORE
          Louisa b: 1839
                     m: Montreville Pentecost
          Martha Ann b: 1841
                             m: Thomas LeRoy KILLEBREW

I have found a Kinchen KILLEBREW living in the edge of Henry County; later he appeared to have moved over into Weakley County.  I believe he is Kinchen, Jr.; a son of the Revolutionary soldier, Kinchen KILLEBREW, whose two daughters married the two KENNEDY brothers, Sampson and Nelson.  I do not know who this Kinchen, Jr., married but his Will is in the Dresden Court House, dated 1824, in which he mentions his children, Malinda, Levi and Elias.  The 1850 Census of Henry co. gives the date of birth for Levi 1803, and Levi's wife, Kittura, born 1808.  The Will of Elias is dated 1835 and he mentions his wife, Matilda, but does not list his children.  Do not confuse this Kinchen KILLEBREW with the son of James KILLEBREW by the same name.  He married Louisa BUCKLEY and after her death married the Widow PENTECOST who was Susan KENNEDY.

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1848 Odd Fellow of the Day William Landrum

I want to preface this post by saying that William LANDRUM is not the only LANDRUM listed in the Odd Fellows book.  In addition, there is a page for Samuel LANDRUM and W.P. LANDRUM which will be covered in later posts.

I don't really want to get into trying to figure out the genealogy of every person listed in the 1848 Ledger Book although goodness knows I do try! So I'll tell you what I find from a brief search and I hope that other people might stumble onto the page and say hey, that person is my great great uncle.  And then maybe they'll send me some biographical information to add to the post.

Having said all that...

I found a William LANDRUM listed in the 1850 Slave Census for Weakley County Tennessee.  He must've been very well off because he owned 27 slaves at that time.  In addition, I found a William LANDRUM living in the household of William P. LANDRUM in the 1870 Census for Dresden Tennessee.  The elder William is 58 years old, meaning he would've been born about 1812, and it said he was born in Virginia.  William P. LANDRUM was 32 years old and born in Tennessee.  The occupation for both LANDRUM s is "grocer".  Which begs me to wonder is William P. the son of the elder William?    Is William P the W.P. LANDRUM listed on another page of the Odd Fellows Ledger Book?  I would think so but can't be certain.  Also, I ran across a few genforum posts that indicated William LANDRUM had a son named Samuel.  Is that Samuel the same Samuel listed in the Odd Fellows Book?

One other interesting note, William LANDRUM lives in dwelling number 359 in the 1870 census.  Living just down the road in dwelling number 355 are B.D. IRVINE, his wife Agnes Moran, their brood of children and also John Williamson Moran and his aunt, Eliza Moran.

Small world.

The top part of the ledger page was devoted to William LANDRUM.  Beneath appears to be transactions of the lodge entered by the bookkeeper.

I don't know what all of the transactions are for but here are the names mentioned:

At the bottom it says "This settlement was made June 14th/51 by H.C. McCUTCHEN & E.J. WHITE as Committee appointed by the Lodge & the Order was filled and given to Bro Landrum... $326.39

J.W. Moran's Wallet 1904

What I know about the wallet, the calling card and the photo:

1.  This wallet belonged to J.W. Moran because his name and the date January 15 1904 are written inside.

2.  It came from Latham, Alexander & Co. Bankers on 10 & 18 Wall St. New York.  It's printed on the inside cover as you can see above.  You can also see where a critter started nibbling on the wallet.

3.  The Calling Card belonged to Mrs. Elmer Clinton Sharp.  It says "Mrs. Elmer Clinton Sharp" and written in pencil is "Mr. &, son & daughter in law of Sam Sharp Corinth Miss".  That same critter took a few bites out of the calling card as well.

4.  On the back of the card is pencilled "Have to leave on 2:30 C & O Train, E.C. Sharp"

5. The only other item included is this picture of a man that was taken in Nashville Tenn.  The photographer's information is on the back of the photo but there is water damage so I don't know who the photographer was, only that it was in Nashville.

In a perfect researcher's world it would be wonderful to say that the man is obviously Elmer Clinton Sharp since his card was found with the photograph in the wallet.  Unfortunately a lot of time has passed and there's no way for us to know if the card and photo go together or if someone down the years just placed them inside the wallet and trundled them to the attic with most of the other items we have.  

It does seem that the Sharp family was special to J.W. Moran because he had a picture of Major Samuel Sharp (Elmer's father) and a picture of  Ida May Sharp (Elmer's daughter).     Major Sam Sharp was also a comrade in arms of the Civil War.  Another interesting item, at least to me, is that one of Sam's grandsons was named Carl Moran Sharp.  Coincidence?  

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1848 Odd Fellow of the Day Samuel A. Warner

Samuel A. Warner is the first name posted in the 1848 Independent Order of the Odd Fellows, Washington Lodge, No. 5, of Dresden, Weakley County, Tennessee

On January 1, 1848 he paid .75 for his Quarterage and .25 to the Orphans Fund.

I believe that Samuel Warner is the brother of Mears Warner, the commissioner who came to Weakley County in 1828 and surveyed the land to lay out the town of Dresden.  The Warner's were of German descent and it was Mears who named the town Dresden in honor of his German roots. In addition, I found a Samuel A Warner was one of the first members of the bar in Dresden TN and also Postmaster for a time.

Drop me a message if you know more about Samuel A Warner.  I'll be happy to add any biographical information that you have for him.

1908, The Two hams & Confederate Memories

Warner T. BOLLING received his Doctor of Divinity and became a distinguished member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and an author having written The Church and the Saloon in the 1890's.  He was born in Greene County Alabama and died in 1913 in Memphis Tennessee. He served on the side of the Confederacy during the Civil War and saw action in many campaigns including Shiloh, Perrysville, Chickamauga, Franklin and the Atlanta Campaign.  Rev. Bolling kept up with his friends from the Civil war, as this letter to J.W. Moran shows, and was a member of the United Confederate Veteran's Association. From an obituary we learn he was first married to Mary Coley of Milan Tennessee (on the marriage application her name was Mary E. Pearce) and after her passing he married Willie R. Jeter who was born in Virginia.  During the last 8 years he enjoyed being a correspondent for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis.  A more detailed account of his life can be found on his Rev. Bolling's memorial.

W.T. BOLLING was a good friend of J.W. MORAN and an old comrade from the Civil War. In addition, the two men had their faith in common both being members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.  This letter was written in 1908 and shows how much the War between the States continued to dwell on the minds and in the lives of those who served.

Paris Tenn
5/14/008 (sic)

Dear Bro Moran:

The two hams safe to hand, I did not dream of your giving them to me, but I am not mad about it.  They are fine enough to get two disapproved furloughs on, and as I eat them I shall think of the old days gone, and of the comradeship which remains true in spite of years.

I had a pleasant letter to-day from an old comrade of the 12th Tennessee, and it was so true and pleasant that I almost cried as I read it.  Give my love to the family and to all old friends.

Yours Cordially
W.T. Bolling

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1848 Washington Lodge No. 5 IOOF Dresden TN

Cover page
Washington Lodge No. 5, IOOF
Dresden Weakley County Tennessee
Opened The 1st Jany AD 1848 by
Eaton J. White
Scroll down to see a list of the 322 members of the Lodge.

I love books. Particularly old books.   I love the way they feel in my hands, the smell of the paper, dust jackets, and illustrations.  I love the way they look on shelves.  And yes, I spent about 17 years of my professional life working in libraries which fed into my affinity for the printed word.

Since our focus was to preserve the history of Moran Place and the Moran family it was only natural to save as  many books as possible. We have everything from school books to books on parlor games which probably came in handy since Moran Place had a beautiful front parlor.  Some of the books were ledgers, after all the Moran's owned the Dresden Bank so ledgers were their bread and butter.  But not everything we saved was about the Moran family.

Cover of the Ledger

One book that we have is from 1848, it's the ledger book for The Washington Lodge No. 5, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Dresden, Weakley County, Tennessee beginning with the First of January 1848.  The Bookkeeper on that date was Eaton J. White.  According to The Official History and Literature of Felloship: The Three Link Fraternity the Washington Lodge No. 5 began on September 9 1842 in Dresden.

Unlike many of the books we have, The Ledger is not a book about the Moran family at all, although you will find Moran relatives in the book as well as many well known Weakley County Tennessee family names.  The Ledger had been in the possession of James H. Moran IV.  Back in the 1970's James Moran had the book binding professionally restored and it was because of him that the Ledger survives today.  

Emerson Etherage (Etheridge)

One very prominent Dresdenite who was a member of the Odd Fellows was Emerson Etheridge, although in the ledger his name is misspelled as Etherage.  Etheridge was born in North Carolina and moved with his parents to Tennessee in 1931.  He was a practicing attorney with his office located in Dresden TN.  He was elected to the TN House of Representatives.  He was later elected to the United States House of Representatives and in 1861 gave a speech opposing secession. In 1867 he had an unsuccessful bid for governor of Tennessee but went on to have successful election to the Tennessee Senate.

You can see where Etheridge paid his "quarterage" fees and also gave money to the Orphans Fund.

William H. Jenkins
The Odd Fellows were serious about not breaking rules and were not above expelling members who were caught committing offenses.  One such person was William H. JENKINS.  At the bottom of his ledger page it says he was "Expelled for Intoxication".  It doesn't indicate he was readmitted but it was possible for a member to redeem themselves and be an active member once again.

I think this will probably be the first of many posts regarding this Ledger book. This book is full of names and even some death dates so the information might be of some use to others who are researching their Weakley County ancestors.

Here is a complete list of the 322 names as they appear in the Ledger.  Should you find one that you're interested in let me know and I'll scan the page for you  The book begins at 1848 and goes through the late 1870's.  Because the penmanship is so different from modern writing I may have misinterpreted some of the initials.  Let me know if you see an error.  Additional research is indicated in italics.
John D. Aydelott- page 11
Ben F. Arrington- page 17
F. Alexander- page 48, dead.  Last entry July 1852
W. H. Alexander- page 49
J.R. Adkins- page 104
Samuel B. Arrington- page 129, expelled 1851
A. G. Almond- page 211, suspended
F. V. Alexander- page 262
N.L. Allen- page 122
W.J. Allen- page 221
Tomisher Bowers- page 9 (Appointed Postmaster Dec 27 1859 Crocketts Station Obion County TN)
Tom Bowers- page 107
William Bradshaw- page 10
Caleb E. Baxter- page 32, dead, burial benefit paid to widow Jan 1852
F. Bynum- page 35, Parson, no benefits
W.B. Billingsley- page 74
W.P. Blake, page 87, expelled 1851
Rev. E.J. Bradley- page 110
Henry M. Bunch- page 126
Thomas W. Bunch- page 152, suspended 1859, died
W.S. Bowlin- page 154, dead, last entry Aug 1859
Thomas N. Biggs- page 163
S/L .N. Berry- page 165, expelled 1857
Joseph Blackwell- page 166, suspended 1856
C.R.P. Byers- page 167
S.M. Baxter- page 195
J.F.M. Bowers, page 205, suspended
T. Z. Beard, page 221, died, last entry Apr 1866
J.S. Bryant- page 237, "dropt"
Emerson E. Bowers- page 242
John H. Baker- page 245
John E. Bowers/Bowen- page 246, "dropt July 1 1873"
Gustavus T. Blacknall- page 249
William R. Blacknall- page 253, "dropt July 1 1872"
Henry P. Barber- page 255, expelled March 1873 and page 302 expelled
John W. Baxter- page 268, expelled Oct 1 1872
James M. Brock- page 280, "dropt"
J. W Boyer- page 294
Carl Baker/Balzer- page 302, died Feb 1873
William Brinkly- page 310 "dropt"
W.J. Burnett- page 315
J.H. Bradberry- page 328
Simeon C Bowlin- page 155
William T. Cochran- page 7
Albert Cooke- page 24 & 191 & 205 & 214
Atlas Cooke- page 25 & 190 & 213
James M. Cole- page 37
W.S. Cloyd- page 76, expelled 1851
L.B. Cockrum- page 77, died Sept 16 1848
George Coleman, Jr.- page 78, expelled 1851
B.A. Crawford- page 66 & 81 & 264
N.O.K. Cole- page 88, died January 1853
James W. Curry- page 108, moved to Washington Co Mo. June 1854
W.R. Cowell- page 109, "Gone to Parts Unknown" last entry Jan 1852
Elijah W Cross- page 116, died 1856
Shelby C. Curry- page 121
Rev. Benjamin Cooper- page 118, "Gone to Parts Unknown" last entry Jan 1852
M.D. Cardwell, page 157
A.D. Cutter- page 174
A.D.W. Cutter- page 175, expelled 1859, reinstated
Rev. T. G. Cardwell- page 176 suspended 1859
Scott Curry- page 182
David Campbell- page 206
W.M. Cargill- page 143
L.B. Cochran- page 214, expelled
Robert A. Cradder- page 234
W.H. Carolton/Carlton- page 267
Isiah I. Cook- page 272
Alexander J. Colwell- page 273
O. Carlton- page 276, "dropt July 1 1872"
H.L. Cannon- page 200
W.H. Cantrell- page 320
J.B. Cook- page 319
Joseph E. Dent- page 62
Joshua ? Dodds- page 71
R.P. Darrington- page 181, withdrawn
W.W. Dudley- page 217
J.F. Durham- page 23
Henry C. Dryfus- page 296
Robert Eskridge- page 54, expelled 1851
Emerson Etheridge- page 59
Sam M. Edmunds- page 64
Samuel P. Eskridge- page 173 expelled 1858 for lewd conduct, reinstated
R.W. Eskridge- page 212
J.A. Eskridge- page 223, suspended
John H Edwards- page 288
Thomas Edwards- page 293
John F. Farmer- page 19 & 216, expelled 1856
John V. Freeman- page 56
Thomas B. Frizell- page 57, died 1852
Charles E. Fowler- page 80
R.M. Fisk- page 82
Stephen Farmer/Farmar, page 105, expelled 1851.  "18th July '52 Dukedom"
W.J. Freeman- page 186
R.P. Farmer- page 225 "dropt"
T. M. Farmer- page 229, dead.  Last entry April 6 1861
Colman S. Fowler- page 289
Thomas Fox- page 256, expelled
Robert J. Glenn- page 8
Ira Gray- page 29
William Gibbs- page 39, suspended 1858
John Gibbs- page 40
Alfred Gibbs- page 41
Lewis Gray- page 42
Joseph D. Glasgow- page 61, expelled 1851 "Returned good for nothing"
William Greer- page 73, died in Henry County 1852
Rev. Gregory, page 35, Parson no benefits
William Gentry- page 35, Parson, no benefits

Dabney Glass- page 106
P.T. Glass- page 115
William B. Gibbs, page 161
Jesse A. Gibbs- page 215, "dropt"
William H. Gibbs- page 222, suspended 1871
Jesse G Gibbs- page244, suspended
N. J. Garrett- page 265 (Noah J. Garrett, Confederate Military Service: TN 20th (Russell's) Cav. Co.K)
James M Groomes- page 279, "dropt"
Morgan Green- page 307
John H. Glass- page125, permit card sent to Jno H. Glass Ripley TN
Balie E. Heard/Herd- page12
Benjamin D. Hynds- page 13
A.D. Horsely- page 34, expelled 1851
W.W. Hall- page 75, suspended 1845
Thomas P. Hawkins- page 117, 18th January? '50, New Madrid Mo (Married Mary Boyd Nov 3 1834, Mecklenburg VA)
Thomas L. Harris- page 118
John L Hill- page 136
John F. Hicks- page 137
Joseph Hoover- page 148, expelled 1857
William C. Hill- page 149
John W. Harris, page 160, expelled 157
R.L. Howard- page 162
Rev. N.D.F. Hafford- page 169
H.T. Hollis- page 170, expelled for swindling 1857
W.H. Humphreys- page 196, suspended 1859
J.L. Husketh- page 197
George Hynds- page 150
William M. Hornbeak- page 196, suspended
John W Hunter- page 257, "dropt"
David R. Hynds- page 290
J.O. Hollis- page 246, "dropt July 1873
W.F. Hornbeak- page 183
J.P. Hornbeak- page 312, "dropt Jan 1872"
W.W.H. Hubbard- page 330
W. W. Hubbard-page 326
J. W. Inscor- page 313
W.C. Insco- page 325
William H. Jenkins- page 3
John W. Jenkins- page 18, dead
F. Jenkins- page 51, expelled 1851 "He had taken a certificate of card"
J.M. Jones- page 35, Parson, no benefits
Thomas H. Jenkins- page 156
H.C. Johnson- page 236, "dropt"
R.T. Johnson- page 248
S.B. Jones- page 291, "dropt"
David N. Johnson- page 306
James C. Jones- page 98, dead.  Last entry Aug 1851.
William Johnson- page 228
J. C Johnson- page 247
Charles Kilgore- page 36, expelled 1851
James W. Kilgore- page 47, expelled 1851
K. Kilabrew- page 96, expelled 1851
P.C. King- page 107, expelled
A.W. Kilby- possibly the same as A.W. King- page 123 "Gone to Parts Unknown" last entry Dec 1850
G.W. Kilby- page 140 & 183, suspended 1857
William Kelton- page 29
H.G. Killgor- page 325
William Landrum- page 2 & 151 & 243 "dropt Jan 1 1872"
Samuel Landrum- page 5
William Lenox- page 44
John P. Lenox- page 45
E.P. Latham- page 84, dead.  Last entry July 1856
N.L. Learnard- page 122 per index but the name listed is N.L. Allen
Samuel Landrum P.B.K.
C.M. Luten- page 127
E.B. Learned- page 124 & 204, 1862 0f Susan S Learned administratrix E.B Learned died
Lodge Grand of Tennessee
C.S. Lovelace- page 192
P.W. Lee- page241
William H. Lyne- page 274, dead, last entry Oct 1869
James B. Long- page 277, suspended
William P. Landrum- page 208
J.A. Lumpkin- page 308
John R. Moore- page 6
John Henry Moore- page 15, died 1857
Keneth Manning- page 20
R.J. Moss- page 21
John Milner- page 33
J.M. Morrill- page 46
William B. Martin- page 58 & 111
John Moss- page 35, Parson, no benefits
H.C. McCutchen- page 85 & 194
George T. Moore- page 101, expelled 1851
John Marshall- page 104, expelled 1850 by note of the Lodge
Johnson Martin- page 113
L.M. Martin- page 113 & 114
Sutherland Martin- page 114. Name listed is Martin V. Sutherland
John Morgan- page 119
W.L. McCutchen- page 141
William H. Maxwell-- page 219
James A. Maugham- page 220
John Westley Myrick- page 235
R.B. McFadden- page 233, "dropt"
W.L. Mayes/Mays- page 227
John W. McElvey/McKelvy- page 271 "dropt July 1 1872"
D.J. McKee- page 281
J. McKanley/Mccanles- page 282, dead, last entry Dec 1869
Henry C. Moore- page 285
Isaac C. Mathews- page 295
Felix H. Murrie- page 298
William E. Moore- page 300, "dropt"
G.W. Midkiss- page 161
John R. Moon- page 202, suspended 1859, reinstated Jan 1860
L.T. Moore- page 323, "dropt Jan 1874"
William C. Northcut- page 164
 J.M. Nooner-page 299, "dropt"
Joseph A. Ore- page 27 & 207, died July 13 1867
Charles Oldham- page 69, expelled 1856
George W. Oldham- page 89, expelled 1851
W.A. Owens- page 322, "dropt Jan 1874"
T.J. Parham- page 30, expelled 1851
Nathaniel Parham- page 31, expelled 1851
Israel Porch- page 66
W.W. Parham- page 68, expelled 1851, intoxication
William Palmer- page 102, expelled 1851
Rev. W.W. Peeples- page 139
P.C. Pinkerton- page 199, Gone to Kansas, last entry dated June 1860
John A. Paschal- page 209
H.W. Paschal- page 210
William Powell- page 218
W.W. Parham- page 224, "dropt Jan 1874"
John G. Parham- page 239, died January 1870
Benjamin .F. Parks- page 259, "dropt July 1 1872"
Silas Parks- page 275, "dropt July 1 1872"
Walter E. Parham- page 283
J.B. Prestwood- page 286
D.E. Philpott- page 327
James M. Quarles- page 79
Samuel Richardson- page 26, expelled 1851
B. F. Ridgway- page 50, expelled 1851
John A Rogers- page 65, expelled 1857
John A. Rogers- page 72
George H. Roulstone/Raulston- page 83 & 201, suspended 1859
J.C. Reavis- page 95, expelled 1850
William W. Ray- page 128, died in 1853 in New Orleans
James M. Reavis- page 266
H.W. Ridgway- page 270
James Ross- page 278
M.V. Roberts- page 228
John J. Roberts- page, "dropt July 1 1873"
Joseph L. Reagan- page 248, dead last entry dated March 1871
J.M. Ridgway- page 316
John Somers- page 14
James Somers- page 16 & 17
Jeremiah S. Spann- page 23
James Southerland- page 55
Rev. J.P. Stanfield- page 110
Jacob A. Somers- page 120, expelled 1851
Lemuel.C. Stow- page 138, expelled 1857
William C. Scott- page 142
Rev. J.J. Smuthers- page 143
J.C. Stanley- page 144, "expelled and published as a villain Dec 1853"
John Somers- page 168
R.F. Scott- page 172
P.B. Stubblefield- page 179
Rev James M. Spence- page 187
James C. Simmons- page 189
G.L. Scott- page 200
Thomas O. Sullivan- page 209
George L. Smith- page 213
John Sullivan- page 252
L.F. Stalcup- page 309
W.B. Sims Jr- page 318
Martin V. Sutherland- page 114 In the index listed as Sutherland Martin
Ben F. Taliaferro- page 28
Edward A. Tansil- page 60
Jobe Taylor- page 64, expelled 1848
Daniel Tabbs- page 35, Parson, no benefits
A.J. Thomas- page 86
Treasurer- Robert J. Glenn- page 99-100
George W. Talbot- page 135, "Gonr to Parts Unknown" last entry Aug 1851
Allen Thornbrough- page 150
Darius Tucker- page 198
James J. Teague- page 240
W.L. Tuck- page 258
F.N. Tuck- page 287
W.J. Taylor- page 230
E.E. Tansil- page 311
C. Underwood- page 43
C.L. Underwood- page 324, "dropt Dec 31 1874"
John Underwood- page 231, "dropt"
N.O. Underwood- page 254
J.L. Utterback, page113, expelled 1851 restored to Fellowship upon payment of dues 1853
John R. Vaughan/Vaughn- page 72
W.A.J. Vincent- page 178, left for Kanzas (sic) 1858
William Vaden- page 269
John E. Vincent- page 284
Samuel A. Warner - page 1
Eaton J. White- page 4
John H. Winston- page 22 & 193, suspended 1859
B.P. Wheeler- page 52
Charles Wheeler- page 53, expelled 1856
John K. Williams- page 63
William Whittington- page 67, suspended 1848, died in California
E.C. Williams- page 70
John Witt- page 35, Parson, no benefits
Wilson Wood- page 94
Joseph Walker- page 97, suspended 1848
Robert H. Watkins- page 130
Bolin G. Watt- page 147
J.J. Ward- page 177
J.A.P. Ward- page 180
George Ward- page 188, died.  Last entry dated April 15 1869
Joseph E. Waiscott- page 144
E.J. Waiscott- page 226, dead.  Last entry Sept 29 1866
R.W. White- page 230
J.A. Williams- page 238, suspended
Samuel E. Waiscott- page 251
F.E. Wethington- page 297, "dropt Jan 1874"
P.J. Workman- page 317
Z.H. Womble- page 329 (There were at least two Z.H. Womble's in Weakley County.)
R.A. Wilson- page 263, "dropt Jan 1 1872"
Rev. W.C. Young- page 139
B. Yates- page 260