Friday, December 7, 2012

Two Suitors from the 1890's

Back in the day if you wanted to ask a girl out you couldn't call her, there were no telephones.  You couldn't drop by her house unannounced, that was considered rude, uncouth, and low class.  What did you do?  You sent a note or perhaps dropped it off yourself but without the expectation of seeing the young lady until she replied to your note, with a note of her own.

W.R. Bobbitt was the druggist in Dresden Tennessee.  In 1905 he became the proprietor of the Smith Hotel (formerly the Hampton Hotel) in Dresden Tennessee.  But on October 13, 1891, he was simply a hopeful young fellow sending a note to a well-bred young lady in the hopes of seeing her.  And he was clever in that he used one of Fannie Moran's own calling cards, which she must've given him, as the invitation for his call.

Miss Fannie Moran
Can I see Miss Moran
This Evening?
W.R. Bobbitt

Another suitor was W.O. Thompson.  I don't know who he was or where he was from because his invitation was sent to Fannie when she was in Jackson, TN attending the Memphis Conference Female Institute and Conservatory of Music and Art.

Miss Fannie Moran

Miss Moran:
If agreeable I would like very much to attend with you the Schubert concert at the Opera House tomorrow evening.

Very truly yours,
W.O. Thompson

We'll never know if Fannie accepted either invitation but we do know that she didn't marry either of these gentlemen.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hard at Work or Hardly Working

At first we thought this was John W. Moran's rolltop desk which was in his bedroom at Moran Place.  However, this desk has a few extra cubby's than the one that we have.  It's possible this could've been a desk at the Dresden Bank since the Moran's owned the bank. But then again, maybe not!  And then of course that brings us to the people.  Who are they?  We know the man is not one of the Moran sons, the woman might possibly be one of the Moran daughters.

There's not much to say about this one except it was found among the Moran photographs in Moran Place.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1848 Odd Fellow of the Day Eaton J. White

Eaton J. WHITE was the first bookkeeper listed in this volume of the Washington Lodge No. 5 at Dresden Tennessee.  I believe this to be Eaton Jones White, born in North Carolina.  His parents were Joseph White and Nancy Mann.  His first wife was Catherine Reed Spears and they had the following children: John Spears White, Sophronia Ann Catherine White, Virginia Ellen White, Joseph Mann White, Edward James White and Mary Lacey White.  His second wife was Mary A. Neeley.  They had a daughter, Mary White.  His third wife was Martha H. Hill and their were no children from this marriage. Eaton and his wife Catherine are buried in the Liberty Cemetery, Dresden Tennessee.

This ledger page shows his payments starting with January 1 1848.  The last entry is 1854.  His payments went into the Orphan Fund and his quarterage fees.  On January 1 1852 he received $3.50 for his services as the Lodge Secretary and on the same date a fee of $1.20 was paid for stationary supplies.

Other names listed on this page:  J.D. AYDELOTT,  B.A. CRAWFORD, R.G. MOSS

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1935 A.G. Ferguson to Wed Rheua Nell Jones

Albert Granville Ferguson was born December 8 1902 in Dresden Tennessee.  He was the middle son of Charles A FERGUSON and Sophia IRVINE.  He is a second cousin once removed from Kent MORAN.

Dallas, Texas, Sunday, August 11, 1935
Rheua Nell Jones To Become Bride of A.G. Ferguson
Marriage to New Yorker to Take Place Sept. 1 at Weatherred Home

Mr. and Mrs. Gus K. WEATHERRED entertained at their home, 3705 Lexington, Saturday evening, announcing the engagement and approaching marriage of thier niece, Miss Rheua Nell Jones, to Albert G. FERGUSON of Tennessee and New York.

Cocktails were served to thirty friends of the engaged couple.  Cards announcing the engagement were concealed in the cocktail napkins.  The guests were later entertained at the Baker Hotel with Dinner and dancing.

The marriage will take place Sunday, Sept. 1, at 5 p.m. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. WEATHERRED.  Miss Mary Nell WEATHERRED, who has just returned from an extended visit to New York and Washington will attend her cousin as junior maid of honor.   Miss Virginia MEREDITH will be maid of honor.  Rober JETER of Nashville, Tenn., will be the bridegroom's attendant.

Miss JONES is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Jones, 726 Woodlawn.  She is a graduate of the A.A. Cocke School of Expression, an associate of the Dallas Dunning Teachers' Association and a member of Edith James Concert Dancers.  Mr. Ferguson is a graduate of Columbia University, New York.

Immediately after the ceremony the couple will leave for an extended trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the northern part of the United States.

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