Monday, January 7, 2013

1848 Odd Fellow of the Day Samuel Landrum

This page in the ledger book is dedicated to Samuel LANDRUM  There's a chance Samuel is related to William LANDRUM from a previous IOOF post.  Other names mentioned on the page are John MORGAN, Thomas HARRIS and what appears to be John L. UTTERBACK.  Entries cover the time period of 1848-1850.

On the off chance that they are the same person I am including the information I found in the 1850 Census.  Perhaps S. Landrum is Samuel.  Perhaps his 17 year old son William is the William I mentioned above.  Perhaps not though because he's only 17.  I have no clue  if there was a minimum age to become a member of the Oddfellows.  Anyway, maybe some of the information here will help someone else with their own genealogical brick walls.

Name:S Landrum
Birth Year:abt 1801
Home in 1850:District 4, Weakley, Tennessee
Family Number:141
Household Members:
S Landrum49
Martha Landrum49
Lucy Landrum21
Nancy Landrum19
William Landrum17
Mary Landrum12
Robert Landrum10
Harriet Landrum6
Lucy Landrum10

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