Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1893 Wedding Wednesday - Walsh & Sullivan Nuptials

Today's featured wedding invitation is to the wedding of Jenny Walsh and Belton O'Neal Sullivan.  They were married on November 28th, 1893 in Jackson Tennessee.  To date I've not found a family connection between the Walsh/Sullivan families to the Moran family so it's possible they were just some of the many friends.  Should a family connection show itself later I'll update this information

The William Kirby Walsh Home, ca 1870's
Jackson TN.  It's on the
National Register of Historic Homes.
Jenny Walsh, the bride, was one of the daughters of William Kirby Walsh of North Carolina and Talitha Jane Anderson of Purdy, Tennessee.  Her mother passed away in 1878 and two years later her father died.  Since neither of her parents were alive to give her away in marriage her sister Annette Walsh McClaran and her brother in law Robert Smith McClaran had the honor.

Belton O'Neal Sullivan, the groom, was the son of Dr. James Madison Sullivan of South Carolina and his second wife, Elizabeth S. Vaughan Sullivan.  The Sullivan's have a long and distinguished lineage and played a prominent role in the history of South Carolina.

Jenny and Belton were blessed with several children: Annette, Belton Jr.,  Marion, Elizabeth (married Frank Caldwell), and William.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith McClaran
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their sister
Jenny Walsh,
Mr. Belton O'Neal Sullivan,
on Tuesday November the twenty eighth,
eighteen hundred and ninety three,
at high noon.
Cumberland Presbyterian Church.
Jackson Tennessee

This is William Kirby Walsh Sullivan, one of Jenny and Belton's children.
He attended Vanderbilt University.  The photo comes from the school annual, The Commodore, for 1930.

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