Sunday, January 20, 2013

Calling Card Sunday - Marvin L. Katterjohn

Marvin Lewis Katterjohn
Today's calling card is brought to you by Marvin L. Katterjohn.  His card was among the papers of Virginia SHUMATE MORAN who was born in Kentucky.  A quick search of google and tells me that his full name is Marvin Lewis KATTERJOHN.  He was born at Henderson, Henderson County, Kentucky in 1882 to Henry Herman Katterjohn and Christina Elizabeth NEIMIER.  He married Jessica McCartney in 1909 at Hannibal Missouri.

Jessica McCartney Katterjohn
I wondered what could be the connection, if any, between my husband's great grandmother Virginia and the Katterjohn family.  More searching on and I discovered that a Harold Miller SHUMATE appears in the Katterjohn family tree.  Harold Miller SHUMATE was born in Texas in 1893 and died in California in 1983.  He was a screenwriter for films and tv. Some of his credits include "Bonanza" and "Adventures of Jim Bowie".

The Shumate connection may be what connects this card to our family or it could just be that Marvin Katterjohn and his family were friends of the Morans

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