Saturday, January 26, 2013

Frank & Co., Nashville TN ca. 1900

Dresden was a small town with limited shopping opportunities.  Many clothes were home made but if you wanted something that couldn't be found in town or couldn't be made you had to either make the trip to Nashville or you could place a mail order and get items that way.  We don't know what this empty envelope from Frank & Co. held but it's a sure bet it was something for Charles or Jim Moran.

John Philip Frank was the son of Morris Frank and W. Harris.  Morris Frank was born in Germany.  His wife was from Marshall County, Tennessee, which is where John P. Frank was born.  Searching I found John P. Frank in Nashville City Directories from the time he was just a clerk to when he owned Frank & Co.  I don't know if Martin S. Loventhal was his partner but he had to have played a prominent role in the company for him to appear on the package with John Frank.

Frank & Co. operated from the late 1800's through the early 1900's.  They made shirts to order, offered a variety of hats including Stetsons.  Before there was the Men's Warehouse or Urban Outfitters there was Frank & Co. Men's Outfitters located at 234 and 236 North Cherry Street, Nashville Tennessee.

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