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Nashville 1880 Centennial & Wheeler & Wilson

Howe Sewing machine, mid to late 1800's.
Moran Place
I came across a wonderful piece of 1880 business ephemera/Nashville Centennial among the papers of John Williamson Moran.  It's a receipt and confirmation of an order that had been placed with the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co. in Nashville Tennessee.  Wheeler & Wilson  produced sewing machines much like the Howe sewing machine we found in the attic of Moran Place.  I don't know if Wheeler & Wilson sold Howe machines in addition to their own brand but it's possible that the receipt is for the Howe machine pictured here.

Office of Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Co.
No. 120 Church Street,
Nashville, Tenn. March 11th 1880

Mr. J.W. Moran,
      Dresden Tenn
Dear Sir:
      Yours of 6th inst. with dft. $30.00 in full of mch sold to hand for which you have our thanks.  We ship mch ordered today.
                                      Yours Truly
                                       Wheeler & Wilson Mfg Co
                                            Omolund (sp.)

And then on the back is a fascinating piece of Tennessee History  about the "Grand Centennial Exposition" of Nashville.

  1780.      The City of Nashville 100 Years Old.      1880
                           Grand Centennial Exposition

W. Stockell, Chairman Exposition Board
M.R. Howell, Ass't Chairman.
Wm. C. Smith, Architect, Nashville.
R.A. Campbell, Recording Secretary
G.S. Blackie, Corresponding Secretary
Jos. L. Weakley, Treasurer


Location of Prominent Nashville Merchants and Manufacturers
Furniture and Mattresses
Weakley & Warren: Manufacturers of and Dealers in Furniture, Mattresses, etc.  Send them your orders, No.s 12 and 13 N. College St. Factory, 317, 319, 321 and 323 S. College Street. Nashville, Tenn.
Cotton, Tobacco and Grain Factors.
Ordway, Dudley *& McGuire, Cotton. Tobacco and Grain Factors.  Wholesale Grocers, Produce and General Commission Merchants, Nos. 80 and 82 S. Market St., Nashville, Tenn. Manufacturers' Agents for Flour, Bagging, Ties, Cotton Rope, Yarns and Cotton Gins.
Hillman, Buford & Corbett. Dealers in Hardware, Iron, Steel, Woodwork and Farming Implements, 18 and 20 S. Market St., Nashville, Tenn.
Seeds and Implements
Geo. W. Stockell, Wholesale Seeds and Implements: Office 14 and 16 South Market St. Nashville, Tenn. Agents for Oliver Chilled Plows, Mickle-Louisville, Steel and Cast Plows, Tennessee Wagons, Osborne Binders, Wheeler Reapers and Mowers, Aultman & Taylor Engines and Separators, and Jacoby Harrows.
Sewing Machines
Wheeler & Wilson's Silent Sewing Machine, No. 8, the Cheapest Machine to Buy.  Because it is the Easiest to Learn, the Lightest Running, the Easiest to Manage, the Most Durable, and Does the Most Perfect Work.  Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company, 120 Church St., Nashville, Tenn.

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