Tuesday, January 1, 2013

William Shumate Harris of Ft Worth

Taken at Bryant Studio Inc
705 1/2 Main St
Fort Worth Tex.
William Shumate Harris
William Shumate Harris is our 1st cousin once removed.  His parents were Newton Temple Harris of Texas and Maibelle Shumate of Kentucky.  William was born May 24, 1911 in Texas.  According to the 1940 Census he was was a 28 year old attorney living at home with his mother and sister.  He died September 26 1973.  The death record indicates he was married but at this time I haven't been able to find a name or when he might have married or if they had any children.

If he has descendants or if anyone knew him we'd enjoy hearing from you.  It's always nice to be able to add more leaves to the family tree.

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  1. William Shumate Harris was my Uncle Bill, younger brother to my father, Temple Jr. He never married. He lived most of later life in Amarillo Texas. He was quite ill for a number of years before his death, but I don't know the details.