Monday, February 11, 2013

Football, Baseball, Chi Phi Fraternity 1899

Dear Brud:

Your letter received this morning and if you have no very serious objections to having your letter answered so soon will write you a few lines now.  I consider myself quite fortunate to receive letters from both you and Ide on the same day.  I don't understand what that good luck can mean, only hope you will keep it up.

That trip of yours to New York in the Governors private car certainly sound like a fairy tale, but of course I will pretend to believe it.  No I didn't get banged up very seriously when taken in the Chi Phi Fraternity but I can assure you that it took no little amount of nerve to live through the program.  My Fraternity is not one of the largest in college, but it is very select.  I consider myself very fortunate in being invited into it.

Yes I was green enough to try for the foot-ball team and had a good show for substitute quarter back, but thought it would be better for me  stop and try for the base-ball team next Spring as my chances are good for making it.

We are to play the Baltimore Medical College today.  I think the score will be very close and the chances are that we may be beaten-will sen you an account of the game when it comes out.

I think there is very little danger of Miss Delana and I ever getting up a case.  Sometimes I may fall in love with a girl six months or a year older than I but I draw the line when it is three or four years.  We are only good friends and I don't think Harriet will ever have any ground for complaint.  I have just returned from the foot-ball game which turned out to be a very exciting score was 0 to 0.

I will have to bring this letter to a close write soon.

With love to all,
Your brother Jim

Don't forget to send me the Enterprise and Sunday's American.

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