Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Money Makes the World Go Around 1899

Since the Moran's owned the Dresden Bank we have quite a bit of bank ephemera as you can imagine.  I came across a Dresden Bank check from James B. Ezzell to W.W. Shannon in the amount of $500 which was an impressive amount of money in those days! We won't ever know what the money was for but it's an interesting piece of family and bank ephemera.

On the left side is a Revenue Tax Stamp of two cents initialed and dated by J.B. Ezzell.    We may not have tax revenue stamps on checks in 2013  but I bet there are a lot of hidden fees behind banking today!

On the back you can see the path the check took to get back to the Dresden Bank.  The Shannons' lived in Macon Mississippi so the first stop was the Bank of Macon Mississippi, stamped by N. Scales the cashier.  Then on to the National Bank of Commerce in Memphis where it was stamped by J.A. Omberg, Cashier.  Making it's way to Nashville and the Fourth National Bank where it was processed by J.T. Howell and then back to Dresden.

Here's a closeup of William Washington Shannon's signature on the back:

If you're interested in the Shannon Family you might like to read the post about Montie Shannon.  Montie was the second born of W.W. Shannon and his wife Ellen Owens.  She was also the second death among their children.  Their first born, Callie, died in 1882.  Montie came along in 1884 and survived only 3 years.  Most of this branch of the Shannon Family are interred at the Oddfellows Cemetery in Macon, MS.  If you'd like to virtually visit the graves and leave flowers you can find them here.

Here's the Ezzell/Shannon/Moran family connection:

Side notes:  James A. Omberg, the cashier in Memphis, went on to become the President of the First National Bank in Memphis!  He's buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

Noah Scales, the bank clerk in Macon, is buried in the Oddfellows Cemetery with the Shannon family.

Joseph T. Howell, the bank clerk in Nashville, is buried in Mt. Olivet and went on to have a distinguished career in banking.  His headstone proclaims "Mason, Banker, Pioneer Patron of Aviation."

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