Friday, March 22, 2013

Weakley County Election Returns of 1848

This is for all of you history and political buffs.   Among the papers we removed from Moran Place we found this interesting piece of ephemera dated March 4th, 1848.  We think the names across the top are those who were running in the election while the names on the side were the polling stations.  But we could be wrong and as always we welcome the opinion and comments of others.

Some of the names were difficult to read so if we have any wrong let us know.  Names at the top:  Latham, Latham, Roff?, Brooks?, Atkins, Irvine, Etheridge, Landrum, Ridgeway, McNeely, Holder, Givlsley?, Kilgore.  Many of the surnames listed here can also be found on the 1848 Tax List.

Location/Names on the side: Abernathy,Laparrell?, Martins, Lathams, Palmers, Irvins, Dresden, Ships, Kemps, Parks, Smiths, Greens, Dukedom, Bayos?, Crabtrees

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