Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Flirtation with Leone Fuqua of Hickman KY

There are some Fuqua's in the Moran tree but I haven't been able to connect Leone Fuqua.  It seems from the tone of her brief note there was a flirtation between her and Charles Moran and that he had a rival.  Perhaps the rival was Charles F. Baltzer who Leone married in 1901.   

My dear Mr. Moran:

The lovely and very unique present sent to me from you is a little beauty.

How dreadful it is that we all can not conceal the jealousy in our hearts for others.

Lets reverse the little story and make the two rivals the girls instead of boys.  Can you read between lines.

With repeated thanks and hoping to see you at the station when I return to Soule---

   Sincerely your friend,
          Leone Fuqua
Monday a.m.
postmarked Hickman Ky.  
Dec. 26, 1898 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to know what the "unique present" was?  And to be privy to the "jealousy in our hearts"?

And where is Soule?  I found a Soule's Chapel in Kentucky which people seem to think is haunted.  Surely that isn't what she meant.  

I hope to find more letters from Leone to find out what happened between herself and C.H. Moran.

Leone Fran Fuqua was born June 4 1879 in Kentucky.  Most likely in Hickman because she appears in the 1880 Hickman census at the age of one year old.   She was living in the household with her grandmother Mary P. Fuqua, her parents James Edward and Lenora "Nora" Fortune Fuqua,  her Aunt and Uncle Arch and Bettie DeBow and her one year old cousin Ivy DeBow.

A quick search on ancestry shows she married Charles F. Baltzer June 12, 1901.  I can only find that they had one child, Ralph, but other trees also list a Leslie and Rebecca.  Perhaps those two children did in infancy.  The family moved to Clarksdale Mississiippi sometime after 1910 but before 1920.  Charles was a bookkeeper and in the 1930 Census Leone is listed as the Organist for the Methodist Church.  

Charles died in 1949.  Leone survived him almost 20 years dying in 1968.  Their son Ralph passed on in 1990.  They are all buried in Oakridge Cemetery, Clarksdale Mississippi.

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