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City of Dresden...where you can live and profit!

Came across a brochure from Dresden, Tennessee.  We think it's from the 1950's.

Here are closeups of the different sections:

A City of Shady Streets, Fine homes and Churches, Full Medical Facilities, Excellent Service and other

Dresden has many lovely homes along its thickly shaded streets.  They give a feeling of serene and peaceful ideal place for a happy family.

This is one of the five friendly churches which are well-attended by the Dresden citizens.  They are handsomely maintained, and exemplify the spiritual well-being of the town.

Many new and modern residences have been constructed in and around Dresden.  This is one of the newer suburban homes, showing how Dresden is progressing.

The Weakley County Health Center is one of the town's most modern buildings.  It houses the county's medical staff, who insure good health for the happiness and continued progress of a dynamic community.

The American Legion and Masonic Building was erected in 1949.  It is a tribute to the servicemen of Tennessee Post No. 94, and to the high ideals of Masonry.  The building symbolizes the gratitude of the community and the members of each organization for one another.  Dresden has excellent service clubs . . Rotary. . . Lions.

The Dresden Manufacturing Co. Producers of the famous Jean Harper coats, is one of Dresden's new industries.  Built in 1949, it is one of the plants operated in the West Tennessee Garment Factory of St. Louis.

In 1948 the first big industrial development came in Dresden--the Bay-Bee Shoe Factory.  They company employs about 150 people to manufacture shoes for infants and children.  Ample labor, harmonious labor-relations, and pleasant working conditions characterize this productive unit.

The story of TVA is well known.  this sub-station is about one mile south of Dresden on State Highway No. 54.  The nation's lowest power rates are found in the TVA regions.

Dresden Tennessee
TVA Power
Low Taxes
Ample Labor
Rail Facilities
Excellent Highways
Fine Schools; Friendly churches
are the factors that are causing more and more industries to--decide on Dresden.

Management today is critically scanning all business and production costs--because in this period of peculiar economy the spread is narrow between profit and cost factors.

Business today must locate where costs are advantageous.  where power is cheap.  Where labor is ample an reasonable.  Where work stoppages do not hamper production and deflate profits.  Business today must have a competitive edge.

Business today also must locate where executives and workers can live pleasantly...where living costs are such that they are afforded the opportunity to save...where children can be educated and reared properly.

The City of Dresden provides these advantages.  Businesses and industries that are already located here will testify to these facts.  In planning your own business or industrial future, we invite you to consider Dresden--where you can live and profit!

Hand in Hand with Dresden's Growing Industries is Prosperous Dairy Farming.  In only Ten Year's Time Dresden Has Become the Fastest Growing Dairy Center in the South!

A well-kept dairy a Grade A dairy the goal of all dairymen.  The highest degree of sanitation and cleanliness marks the county's fastest growing industry.

This is one of the outstanding Jerseys, which will compete in the Registered Jersey Cattle show.  The shows have become annual affairs and attract cattle with the finest pedigrees.  Good cattle require good pasture!  That's the keynote of soil conservation and better farming practices.

Dresden's City Government has Young, Progressive Leadership
The University of Tennessee Martin Branch which is a part of the University of Tennessee, is only nine miles from Dresden.  The school has long been recognized as a leader in its field.  It is being expanded to meet the demands of higher education.

The Weakley County courthouse was erected in 1950 at a cost of $698,000.00.  Dresden is the seat of Weakley County.  It is named Robert Weakley and the County was founded about 1819.  Among the famous person who lived in this County is Davy Crockett.

The Dresden Elementary School is Dresden's newest major project.  The building is being constructed to provide the space needed for the increased school population of the future.

A lovely scene in any town is a modern well-kept post office and federal building.  Murals on the interior walls, depict a story of the early history of Dresden and Weakley County.  They are a great attraction to Dresden's visitors.

Dresden--Hub of the Northwest Section of Tennessee Where Southern Hospitality Abounds.

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