Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy 95th Birthday, Nathan H. Moran

Bub Moran
age 16
We couldn't let the date pass without acknowledging the birthday of Nathan Harrell Moran.  He was also known as Nate and Bub.  Born April 8, 1918, he was the middle child of James and Virginia Moran.  He was a rough and tumble kind of guy who enjoyed the outdoors, sports, mechanics, and the military.  He would be 95 years old today.  Feel free to stop by and leave a virtual flower on his memorial.

<---- here's a school picture from 1934 when he was 16 years old.  It's amazing how much our own son resembles his grandfather and on many occasions we refer to him as Bub too.

For more information and pictures about the life of Nathan check out his birthday blog from last year.

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