Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Original Moran Place

Before J.W. Moran built the grand Victorian house in 1895 the Moran Family was living in a much more modest one-story home built by his father, James Henderson Moran the first.  If you are facing the current Moran Place the original would've been off to the left.

These photographs are from 1947.  I imagine they were taken as keepsakes of the old homestead prior to it being torn down.

On the steps are Bump Irvine, Jim and Virginia Moran and their grandson Jim the fifth.

Here they are again but this time Harrell "Brud" Moran has joined them.  He's the long-legged fellow on the end.


Here's cousin James A. "Bump" Irvine.

Jim, Virginia and Carrie

This is Virginia again with her friend Carrie Lou LaFon Pentecost, the wife of Cayce Pentecost, and of course little Jim.

I like the double doors to the house.  You can see they have the screen door propped open.

Jim, Jim and Jim.  

I like this photo of the three Jim's because you can see the built in seats on either side of them.  The screen door is closed in this picture.

Jim, Bump, and Brud

And the last picture in this series shows three gentlemen with their hats.  Even in a "casual" setting the men were in suits and the ladies wore dresses.   How the world has changed!

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