Friday, May 10, 2013

Bubs Photo Album, ca 1930's

Nathan Harrell Moran was known as Bub or Nate to his friends.  The photo's posted here are from his photo album and date from the 1930's.  I'll add more photo's over time.  These are by no means all of his photographs, just the one's from his album and include friends, family, things of interest to him. Quite a few of the photographs are of school mates.  If you want to try to put names with faces you might try comparing photo's here to the 1936 graduation photo which includes names

Craddock Vaughn was chosen beauty queen at Dresden, Tenn., and Marie Thomas
and Sarah Frazier were selected maids to participate in a revue at the Weakley County Fair

Bub Moran is on the
guy on the right.

Don't know exactly where they are but it's somewhere south by the look of the palm trees and moss.

Updated September 22 2014
The beauty pageant was held in 1936.  She was the daughter of Joseph Craddock Vaughan and  Kate Elizabeth Trobaugh.

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