Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Postcard from J.W. Moran, 1912

During the last year or so of his life, John W. Moran spent time in Florida where it was believed the climate was healthier. His son Brud was traveling with him.  This postcard by J.W.M was to his other son, Jim, back in Dresden and dated Feb. 1, 1912, just a little over two months before his death.   J.W. Moran began to get worse while in Florida and it was probably apparent he wasn't long for this world.  Brud and JW left Florida by train headed for Dresden.  Unfortunately, his father's illness had progressed so far they had to stop at Nashville where he was hospitalized.  He died in Nashville on April 12, 1912.  Cause of death was Pernicious Anemia. A vitamin B12 deficiency.

Jacksonville, Fla
We arrived here this morning after a very tiresome trip to me.  We are stopping at the "Seminole".  I have rested some and will leave here for "St Petersburg" in the morning, you can write general delivery there.  It is quite cool here.

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